“Second wave is clearly emerging”

The number of new corona infections in Germany has risen again. Scientists are concerned and are discussing the point of further easing. The number of known new infections with the corona virus in Germany rose again slightly. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the health authorities in Germany reported 1,449 new corona infections within […]

Three scenarios – how long will the pandemic last?

Many people already see an end to the pandemic in the easing – but that will be a long time coming, predict US researchers. You have developed several visions for the further course of the corona crisis. Countries like Brazil and the USA are still reporting increasing numbers of corona infections. In Europe, the opening […]

Police threw mask refusers from several ICE trains

Mask refusers should now fly off the train if necessary. Participants in the Corona demo last weekend are among the first to be affected. The railways are not yet taking action. Persistent mask refusers apparently have to fear consequences at Deutsche Bahn. On Monday, the railway announced that it would take tougher measures. Passengers who […]

WHO warns of risk factor for younger people

The risk groups for the lung disease Covid-19 mainly include older people. But more and more younger infected people develop a difficult course. A study from the USA has investigated why this could be the case. Coronavirus is more likely to cause severe disease in the elderly than in other age groups. However, the proportion […]

Where you can now have yourself tested for free

When returning from vacation abroad, many travelers want to be sure: have I possibly been infected with Corona? Many airports and border areas in Germany now offer voluntary and free tests. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has one Corona test requirement for returning travelers decided from risk areas. However, there is no general test […]

Symptoms, duration & treatment – what helps?

Cough, runny nose and hoarseness: If you feel the first symptoms of summer flu, you should react immediately. Which home remedies help – and when you should go to the doctor. Your nose is running, your throat is scratching: not good conditions to spend the day on the sun lounger or in the park. Even […]

Infection can cause brain damage and strokes

The corona virus can also attack the brain, causing neurological deficits such as smelling disorders or strokes. Charité researchers have found a possible explanation for this. Many corona patients are not symptom-free after the acute illness. You complain of long-lasting symptoms such as fatigue or headache. However, the virus cannot only cause temporary neurological symptoms. […]

The public prosecutor’s office in Bielefeld investigates the Tönnies boardroom

After the massive Corona outbreak at the Tönnies plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, the public prosecutor’s office launched an investigation against the management of the meat company. Initially, an investigation was carried out against unknown persons – due to negligent physical injury. After numerous reports of the Corona outbreak in Germany’s largest meat factory, the public prosecutor […]

There are these innovations in sick leave

In the future, doctors will also be able to give their patients sick leave via video consultation, at least under certain conditions. In the future, patients will be able to have their doctor take sick leave via video consultation. A prerequisite for video sick leave is that the insured person is known to the doctor’s […]

Almost 55,000 new infections – worldwide record

Parts of the United States had already assumed that there was no danger, bars and restaurants had opened – now the numbers of corona infected people are increasing dramatically, especially in the south and west. President Trump still doesn’t want to hear about it. Photo series with 16 pictures In the United States, nearly 55,000 […]