Venu Gopal glamorous in black; Photoshoot goes viral

​ So.Sadhika Venu Gopal is a popular actress in the social media. Sadhika gets a handshake through strong stances and different photoshoots. Now the hit is Sadhika’s glamorous photoshoot. Sadhika arrives in saris and modern outfits. The actress is wearing a black sari with floral print. Sadhika also shines in black sleeveless. Dileep D.K. Images […]

These electronic shackles keep you trapped until you finish working out

Let us be sincere: gather the necessary will to get to doing push-ups requires a lot of strength mental. But whatmaybe it would be easier and, I don’t know, program a a robot for what catch up my feet in their place of such way that I can’t escape until I have finished doing the […]

YouTube: Neighbors confront a snake to save a stray cat

The shocking moment, which occurred in the Thai province of Tak, was recorded by a camera installed in a car YouTube: Neighbors face a snake to save a stray cat. Photo: Capture In Thailand’s Tak province, residents saved a stray cat that was attacked by a snake about 2.5 meters long. The video of the […]