The Origin of Jeplak Call Him Richer Than God After Winning …

Daily Mail Jack Whittaker calls himself richer than God after winning the Rp 4.5 trillion lottery. Grid.ID – Jack Whittaker who lives in West Virginia, USA suddenly got a windfall. In 2002, he received a lottery jackpot of 315 million US dollars, equivalent to Rp 4.5 trillion in the current exchange rate. Before getting wealth […]

30-pound alligator turtle appears on US streets; they rescue her

In recent days, news stories have spread in which animals surprise humans, either because a baby fox is chasing your pet home or because of the strange virus that a cat transmitted to its owner. Now, the Fairfax County Police in the United States was stunned when in mid-June they found an alligator turtle (Macrochelys […]

US states are said to have bumped or manipulated corona data

Drive Trought Tests in Chicago Have corona statistics been manipulated in the United States? (Photo: AP) Providence Health authorities in some US states are said to have botched up corona statistics or even deliberately embellished them with tricks. In Virginia, Texas and Vermont, for example, officials admitted that they combined the results of virus tests […]

Family goes for a walk and meets almost $ 1 million on a highway

Virginia – A Virginia family who took a car ride after weeks of being locked up for the coronavirus found nearly $ 1 million in two bags thrown along the way. David and Emily Schantz left their Caroline County home on Saturday with their children and walked by with their bus over what they thought […]

Donald Trump loses the litigation – because of hotel business

Before his US presidency, Donald Trump was an entrepreneur. Politicians also spend the night in his hotels. The lawsuit for illegal profits is still on the table. US President Donald Trump has received a damper in a lawsuit over business at his Washington hotel. A lawsuit against the president that was dismissed last summer can […]

Why right-wing Americans see the virus as an attack on their freedom

Richmond The noise of dozens of horns fills the spring air. The car parade encircles the seat of government of the governor of Virginia at walking pace. Flags flutter in the sun from the side windows of the SUVs and from the loading areas of the pickup trucks. “Trump 2020” is on some. In between, […]

Coronavirus Melbourne: Daniel Andrews confirms 466 COVID-19 cases in Victoria

This Coronavirus article is unlocked and can be read for free in the interest of community health and safety. Subscribe here for full access to Herald Sun / Leader journalism. Australia’s operating rooms are close to closure. Surgeons are demanding that their scalpels be removed so that the hospitals can concentrate on the coronavirus. It […]