For virologist Peter Piot, “the mask should be mandatory in public places”

The Belgian scientist compares Great Britain with Japan to support his remarks. LProfessor Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told the Guardian that he did not understand why the British government had made the wearing of the mask compulsory only on public transport. According to the infectious disease expert, […]

very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 […]

“As a virologist I would have preferred to postpone the de-escalation for a few weeks”

Steven Van Gucht He is responsible for the department of viral diseases at Sciensano, the Belgian public research institute for human and animal health. The image of this trilingual virologist (Dutch-French-English) is associated with the evolution of the coronavirus from minute zero in this country. President of the scientific committee of the pandemic, he appears […]

Europe rediscovers “Schengen” – morning briefing

Dear readers, imagine you were living in German-French border area, had moved freely in both countries over the years and happily followed the initiatives of a common region. And now all of a sudden you find plastic cuboids as reincarnation of something related to Schengen and the internal market seemed done: borders. So you would […]

The Russian military disinfected three more boarding houses in Italy :: Society :: RBC

Russian military experts, as well as military units of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Italian Armed Forces, have disinfected three nursing homes in the Italian province of Brescia (Lombardy). This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The disinfection was carried out in homes for the elderly in the cities of Chiari, […]

Virologist about coronavirus: “SARS-CoV-2 will stay for a long time”

Updated April 22, 2020, 11:41 am Some viruses come and go, some stay for a long time, some forever. The virologist Wolfram Brune from the Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology, explains in an interview which circumstances make life difficult for a virus and what we can expect from SARS-CoV-2 in this regard. […]

Coronavirus: Study on herd immunity in Heinsberg under strong criticism

science Discussion about the all-clear Criticism of study on herd immunity in Heinsberg As of: 3:07 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes These are the interim results of the Heinsberg investigations In the Heinsberg district alone, more than 1,400 corona cases were counted, almost 50 people died. The virologist Hendrik Streeck and his team from […]