Smallpox caused by monkeypox virus increases in Europe

Smallpox caused by monkeypox virus increases in Europe. Photo: TVEuropa A World Health Organization (WHO) assesses the risk of smallpox fur monkeypox virus in Europe as high, given the continuing threat to public health and the rapid spread of the disease. The disease is a constant challenge that is hampering responses with the confirmation of […]

Cold virus could be effective in treating the deadliest brain cancer in children

And modified cold virus Genetically engineered to kill cancer cells has opened up a hopeful avenue for treating the deadliest childhood brain tumor, diffuse intrinsic trunk glioma. Its about tumor cerebral more common in kids and also the deadliest. On average, the survival of these patients barely reaches a year and there is no effective […]

Ministry of Health confirms 11 cases of monkeypox in Brazil – News

Brazil reached 11 confirmed cases of monkeypox this Wednesday (22), according to information from the Ministry of Health. There are three more cases than two days ago, and other possibilities are being investigated. “The Ministry of Health reports that, so far, 11 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Brazil, seven in […]

The Covid-19 virus is spreading more and more in Loire-Atlantique

the 7e wave is there. Between June 21 and 28, the incidence rate increased from 508 to 781 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (average smoothed over seven days). As a reminder, this rate was “only” at 270 on June 7 in Loire-Atlantique. 35.4% of those tested are positive. It is currently the Pays de la Loire […]

Traces of Polio Virus Found in London Sewer

Traces of the virus that causes polio, derived from a vaccine strain, have been found in sewage samples taken from a London treatment plant, the WHO (World Health Organization) and British authorities announced on Wednesday. “It is important to note that the virus was isolated from environmental samples only – no associated […]

4 Diseases That Most Often Affect Children, Fever to Flu

JAKARTA, – Children are generally vulnerable to health conditions. This is because the child’s immune system is not strong enough to dispel and deal with viruses, bacteria, or germs from the outside environment. Summarizing various sources, Saturday (6/25/2022), the following diseases most often attack children. 1. Fever The first disease that most often affects […]