Epidemiologist: “Congestions from transport, kindergartens and schools favor the transmission of respiratory infections”

Rewrite this content Specialists explain the return to the situation before the Covid-19 pandemic by the fact that people have stopped complying with preventive measures: wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance. Europa Liberă spoke with the epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv, head of the Epidemiology discipline at the “Nicolae Testemițanu” University of Medicine and […]

What happens if you get several viruses at the same time? | Health

Rewrite this content 25 jan 2023 om 21:33 The winter season is in full swing and various respiratory viruses are going around. What happens if you get several such viruses at the same time, such as corona and flu? There has been a flu epidemic in the Netherlands since mid-December. Flu is a respiratory infection, […]

Corona outbreak in China: almost 90 percent infected in the Henan region! | politics

Since China declared its zero-Covid strategy over, the number of infections has exploded across the country. The hospitals are overburdened, the crematoria cannot keep up with the cremations. Incredibly high infection numbers are now being reported from Henan, the third most populous region in China. According to the local health authorities, almost 90 percent of […]

Researchers are working on mRNA vaccine against all influenza viruses – world

3.12.2022 07:00 (Akt. 3.12.2022 13:51) The mRNA technology should make completely new vaccines possible. ©pixabay.com (Subject) Scientists have shown for the first time that an mRNA vaccine induces an immune response against all influenza A and B viruses in mice and ferrets and provides protection. Scott Hensley, Professor of Microbiology at the Perelman School of […]

More influenza, less corona – but increase in BQ.1 immune escape variants

The number of corona-related deaths continues to fall. 216 people died on Thursday, compared to 233 on the same day the week before. This means that 155,000 people have died with or from Corona since the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany. In total, the authorities counted 36 million infections. The World Health Organization has […]

Why shingles can lead to a stroke – Heilpraxis

Increased risk of stroke after shingles disease The possible causes of a stroke are diverse and also diseases shingles are a risk factor. Researchers have now been able to decipher why people who have had shingles have a higher risk of stroke for up to a year. A research team from University of Colorado Anschutz […]

Anyone who has a risk of severe corona courses despite vaccination

Unsurprisingly, age was the most important factor. From the age of 50, the statistical risk of severe courses increased by a factor of 1.5 every five years of life. People over the age of 80 had an almost 17-fold increased risk compared to those aged 45 to 50. In addition, it was just as unsurprising […]

Corona: Vaccination recommended for young children – study examines side effects

Since this week, the European Medicines Agency has recommended vaccinating small children from the age of six months against Corona. The two mRNA vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna are approved in adjusted dosages for this age group. But how high is the risk of unwanted effects of a corona vaccination for small children? At least […]

Sex as a transmission route?: Monkeypox pathogen discovered in monkey testicles

Sex as a transmission route? Monkeypox pathogen found in monkey testicles By Jana Zeh 10/18/2022, 7:10 p.m People around the world are still contracting monkeypox – including in Germany. It is therefore important to know how the virus is transmitted from person to person. Now there are indications of a previously undisclosed transmission route. The […]