China Threatens US Retaliation for Restricting Journalists’ Visas

The Chinese government has urged the United States to “immediately” reverse the restriction on journalists’ visas approved last week, as it otherwise reserves the right to take retaliatory measures that it has not specified. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has condemned the move at a press conference, which he has listed as an example of […]

USA suspends visa services worldwide due to coronavirus – State Department

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States will cease all routine visa services due to the coronavirus outbreak in most countries around the world on Wednesday, a State Department spokeswoman said, an unprecedented move that may affect hundreds of thousands of people. The ministry has not indicated on its websites which or how many countries are […]

Alleged scammer earned up to $ 100,000 by offering US visas | El Salvador News

About 12 reported cases are counted. Agents of the specialized Unit against trafficking in persons and related crimes they read their new charges to Luis Alonso Vega, 57, who remains in the bartolines of the Sonsonate delegation. The crimes he would have committed are related to the aggravated scam (offered US visas); This is why […]

2 Challenges by Boston Students Iran from the Country – NBC Boston

Two Iranian college students have filed civil rights complaints with the US Department of Irish Security, saying they were being abused and illegally arriving in Boston International Airport in Logan. Shahab Dehghani, who attends Northeast University, and Reihana Emami Arandi, who were about to start classes at Harvard University, recently filed specific complaints with the […]