Paola Guanche: from the Voice Kids to the Latin Grammys

Paola Guanche was barely 12 years old when she conquered the stage in The voice Kids of Telemundo NBC Universal in 2013. Currently, at 22, he represents Cuba at the Latin Grammys. Coming from a family of Cuban singers, that girl made an impact in the Voz Kids final with Whitney Houston’s difficult song, already […]

Kasselakis: I am not a phenomenon, I am the voice of a society

The new president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, went to the SYRIZA offices, where he was greeted by a gathered crowd shouting slogans such as “Natos the prime minister” and “Stefan gera, let the right fall”. In his first statements after the announcement of the result, he tried to send a message of unity by saying […]

Musk: Twitter successor X gets voice and video calls

Tech billionaire Elon Musk wants to introduce voice and video calls to his online platform X (formerly Twitter). The feature will be available on iPhones and Android phones, as well as PCs and Apple’s Mac computers, Musk announced on Thursday. You will not have to provide a phone number. X is like a “global address […]

“The voice of the Devil”: the man who sang with El Benny

VILLA CLARA, Cuba. — Every August 24, on Benny Moré’s birthday, Rafael tries by all means to travel to Santa Isabel de las Lajas. Together with other musicians who knew the “Bárbaro del Ritmo” he prostrates himself in front of his grave and sings to him. It’s a kind of ritual that helps them cope […]

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called “Voice Chats”.

California: Messaging app WhatsApp’s latest update has introduced a beta version of a new feature called “Voice Chats”, which allows users to easily join and leave group voice conversations. As shown in the attached screenshot, a new voice waveform icon may appear in a group chat if the feature is enabled for the account and […]

What is In Vitro Fertilization? by Uncensored Fertility

What are the types of endometrial preparation? How is the proccess? In today’s episode, ⚕️ 👨 Dr. Alfonso Suástegui, specialist in assisted reproduction at #AdvancedFertilityCenterCancún, will talk to you about this procedure to prepare the endometrium so that it is prepared for the reception of an embryo. The uterus does not always have a “fertile […]