One in a million: find a strange super-earth towards the center of our galaxy

Illustration of the inferred size of another super-earth (center) compared to the land and Neptune. Astronomers at the University of Canterbury found an incredibly rare new super-earth toward the center of our galaxy. This would be one of the few that has been discovered with a size and orbit similar to Earth. The details were […]

A new tool to predict the eruption of volcanoes

Unlike Venus and Mars, where the atmosphere is mainly composed of carbon dioxide (CO2), the Earth’s atmosphere contains 78% of dinitrogen (N2) and 21% of oxygen (O2), a mixture unique in the solar system. Dioxygen was produced by the first living organisms (primitive bacteria) about 3.5 billion years ago. But we don’t know where the […]

Guatemala: The tour leads to Maya buildings and volcanoes

BRectangle bags in XXL format make worries fear. And the fact that the seats of the small jet actually say they could swim if necessary does not necessarily lift your spirits before take-off. But the 33-minute flight to Lake Petén Itzá goes smoothly – and takes the traveler from the capital of Guatemala City to […]

Reunion Island: Hiking over volcanoes on France’s island of fire

JEvery step needs to be considered. Sometimes the hiking shoes threaten to slip on wet basalt rock, which is wrinkled like elephant skin. Sometimes razor-sharp stone peaks protrude from the ground, lava formations cooled one of the five eruptions last year. The strenuous route leads to the 2631-meter-high Piton de la Fournaise, the mostly dormant […]

Is this the oldest story ever told by man?

José Manuel NievesFOLLOW Updated:02/13/2020 12: 02h save A long, long time ago, four huge giants reached southeast Australia. Three of them dispersed, heading to other parts of the continent, but the fourth decided to stay. He bent down, and his body became the volcano today called Budj bim, and his teeth turned into burning lava […]