German car sales decline in America due to lack of chips

Business results for the second quarter showed a decline in sales of three German car companies in the US auto market, driven by a shortage of electronic chips and supply chains. Volkswagen announced that it sold 78,281 new cars in the United States in the second quarter, a decline of about a third from the […]

VW: Batteries for electric cars are a bigger problem than banning combustion engines

The European Union’s agreement to phase out the production of internal combustion engine cars over the next 12 years is problematic, but an even bigger problem will be the production of enough batteries for the electric cars to replace the internal combustion engine cars. In an interview with the Reuters agency, the financial director of […]

Totalcar – Magazine – The VW Passat’s electrical equivalent has been shown

The introduction of Volkswagen’s electric car is beginning: a study car named ID.Aero has been unveiled for the time being, although it is likely that the final version will be called differently in Europe. 6 Gallery: Volkswagen ID.Aero 2023- Data on the type have barely been reported: it is certain that the body has an […]

Volkswagen ID. Aero premier Lead

It is not yet clear under what name it will be marketed, but the series version of the study car unveiled today by Volkswagen will be introduced to the European market as early as 2023. The VW Passat gets a brother Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a […]

Electric cars appear noticeably on the Egyptian street.. Get to know it

08:09 PM Wednesday 22nd June 2022 VW-e-Golf-side Books – Ahmed Khaled: A few years ago, the Council of Ministers opened the door to importing used electric and hybrid cars for a maximum of three years from the year of production, which allowed the entry of low- or zero-emission models that were not available before. Following […]

Totalcar – Magazine – WorkshopPRN: Volkswagen Phaeton V10 TDI – 2005.

The roughest cemetery: Phaeton V10 TDI 2022.06.22. 17:01 We would not take a stand on who should buy a Phaeton V10 TDI and who would not. Daniel sees the challenge in the giga-Volkswagen, which is why he brought it to Avalon for service, for the Workshop PRN inspection. Did the German premium cars lose the […]

Totalcar – Magazine – Introducing the electric Passat successor

The model, formerly known as the Aero B, will be unveiled in June. In most markets, tall SUVs also play a major role among electric cars, but lower, car-like models are still selling well in China. Maybe that’s why they decided to unveil a new electric Volkswagen called ID.Aero in the Far East. The date […]

Totalcar – Magazin – Armchair: Volkswagen Phaeton V10 TDI – 2005.

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