I want to open the topic of the American base in the Czech Republic, says Černochová

The most important information dated 9.4. Defense Minister Jana Černochová (ODS) will hold talks with her counterpart in the United States after Easter and stated in an interview with Deník N that in addition to purchasing military equipment, she also wants to open the topic US base In Czechia. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán condemns […]

Ukraine Russia Online: Ukrainian army regains control of the Kiev region

Carla Del Ponte called on the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Putin immediately in connection with the military offensive in Ukraine. A former war crimes prosecutor called Putin a war criminal. He argues that issuing an international arrest warrant for Putin and other senior Russian officials is essential for them to […]

The ruble is growing despite further sanctions. The Polish government has banned the import of Russian coal – ČT24 – Czech Television

Decathlon said that due to international sanctions, he had problems with supplies, which did not allow him to continue operating in Russia. They must therefore suspend their stores. However, it still intends to support its 2,500 Russian employees. The chain faces strong criticism for not interrupting its business in Russia despite the invasion of Ukraine. […]

Biden: If Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine, the United States will respond

The most important information is dated March 24. Ukrainian forces are “increasing pressure” on Russian troops occupying the region northeast of Kiev. This was stated by an intelligence evaluation of the British Ministry of Defense. We offer a description of the current state of the fighting here. The most important thing is that the West […]

That’s how he attacks. Zelenský’s adviser predicted an invasion three years ago

A three-year-old video has begun to spread on social networks, in which adviser Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Oleksiy Arestovych predicts a Russian invasion of Ukraine. And it describes quite accurately how Russia will proceed in the country. Asked about Ukraine’s possible entry into NATO in 2019, Arestovich said: “There will be no deadlines for the […]