Follow the search to find voluntary blood donors

In the regional center of La Plata this month they launched a blood collection calendar to add volunteers at a complex time of the year, because the more you need, the more difficult it is to have volunteers who come to donate blood. In Villa Elisa, today there will be a donation day at the […]

In Brazil, vaccine test volunteers hope to save lives

SAO PAULO, Dec 24 (Reuters) – From doctors tired of seeing patients die to family members who lost loved ones, thousands of Brazilians have volunteered for COVID vaccine trials in one of the world’s most affected countries in the hope that his silent heroism will save lives. The largest country in Latin America has become […]

Historic opportunity to contain COVID-19

Given the effects generated by the coronavirus at a global level, the world hopes to have a vaccine that can protect us. That is why multiple studies are being carried out to verify the efficacy of the vaccine and to implement an immunization plan to contain Covid – 19. Colombia participates in clinical trials to […]

Bouaye. Blood donation: caring for volunteers

Volunteers from the Bouaye and Bouguenais blood donation association are organizing a blood drive this Thursday and Saturday. To donate blood, you must be between 18 and 70 years old and weigh more than 50 kg. Each blood donation lasts seven to ten minutes. A snack is then offered to each donor. Register in advance […]

Chartres-de-Bretagne. Call for volunteers for the social grocery collection

The social grocery store, managed by the Communal Social Action Center (CCAS), provides beneficiaries with food and hygiene products every week. “Its operation is provided by about twenty volunteers, most of them loyal retirees who take turns every Tuesday”, assures Laurence Lozachmeur, head of CCAS. These volunteers take care of the distribution, maintenance of the […]

Controversial Vaccine Trial in UK, 40 Volunteers Will Be Infected With Corona Virus – British volunteers will be deliberately infected with the coronavirus as part of a trial experiment that could change scientists’ understanding of the virus. London is hosting the world’s first coronavirus trial in which 40 volunteers are injected with a potential vaccine before being given a dose of a nasal spray for the deadly […]

Rubbish free of rubbish from the Rhine, Moselle and rest with CleanUp

A lot of rubbish accumulates on river banks. Once a year, things are cleaned up on a grand scale, with the so-called Rhine CleanUp. This year the campaign also took place on the Moselle. Tens of thousands took advantage of the good weather on Saturday to clean up the banks of the Rhine, Ruhr and […]