Despite Corona: suddenly Henssler Motsi shook hands – scene

On Sunday another episode “Grill den Henssler” flickered across the screen. It turned out to be a very strange scene. The star chef is actually invincible in his own VOX show. He clearly demonstrated that in the latest broadcast. On the celebrity side, comedian Chris Tall, dancer Motsi Mabuse and actor Andre Dietz gave everything […]

The importance of the territory in the vote: the case of Vox | Spain

Not all votes count the same. It has been said many times that some provinces offer “cheap” seats, because they are obtained with fewer votes. But the distribution can also provoke other carambolas, such as that thousands of votes in Alicante or Cádiz are irrelevant (if no deputy moves) and that a single vote in […]

Citizens rejects the pact with EH Bildu but does not break with the PSOE

Madrid Friday, 22 may 2020 – 02:13 Parliamentary spokesman for Arrimadas frames his rejection of the Snchez agreements to maintain the “Frankenstein government” Cs parliamentary spokesman Edmundo Bal (left) speaks with ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufin in Congress.POOL Citizens rejected this Thursday the PSOE agreement with EH Bildu to repeal the labor reform. And he did […]

A thousand people protest in Valencia against the management of the Government

05/19/2020 22:34 – Updated: 05/19/2020 23:28 A thousand people has concentrated this Tuesday, around nine at night and in the heart of the Alameda de Valencia, in front of the San Juan de Ribera Army barracks to assist the lowering of the Spanish flag, chanting cries of protest against the Government and demanding the resignation […]

The Government negotiates with Vox the conditions of the Madrid demonstration

Vox applied for authorization several weeks ago to hold a big car rally the next Saturday, May 23 through the streets of all the provincial capitals against the government’s management of the health crisis. The Executive is now negotiating with the Abascal formation a “controlled concentration” in Madrid. During the last debate in Congress to […]

Arrimadas shakes the board: PP and Ciudadanos compete again for the center

Sunday,     10     may     2020     –         02:31 The Covid-19 crisis has fallen like a neutron bomb and has cracked the political table, resituting all the actors and making possible previously unthinkable pacts. This week, the agreement between thegovernmentand Ciudadanos to extend the state of alarm has broken the unity of the center-right against Pedro Snchez, but […]