Pay equality: Belgium hit by the Council of Europe

Two articles of the European Social Charter are not respected by Belgium. La Belgium violates two articles of the European Social Charter by not ensuring wage transparency, yet decisive in equal pay for work of equal value between the sexes, said Monday the organ of the Council of Europe responsible for the implementation of this […]

Elche continues with the fifth lowest salary limit of Second

The league has released this Thursday the data of the salary limits of Second division once the winter market is over. Despite increasing its budget for the staff by 540,000 euros, Elche still has the fifth lowest in the category. The illicit club has 5,624,000 euros and only three newly promoted like him Mirandés (5,084,000), […]

Neymar and Mbapp accept a 50% reduction in wages for the coronavirus

The stars of Paris Saint-Germain, among themNeymar Júnior and Kylian Mbappéhave accepted a50% pay cutAs part of the agreement that the French players union will sign with the Professional Football League (LFP) as a result of thecessation of its activity by the coronavirus. The agreement will affect the players who charge the most, in the […]

The League rejects AFE’s proposal for a 10% pay cut this season

The Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) responded yesterday to the order that was launched last Friday by the Professional Soccer League (LFP). The presidents of the two organizations, David Aganzo and Javier Tebas, saw each other by videoconference and the first one rejected the club employers’ reduction proposal. In fact, he presented a counteroffer […]

This is what Merz, Laschet and Röttgen think of the subject of minimum wages

Berlin For a long time, the CDU leadership did not consider the labor market to be an urgent issue. Angela Merkel and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer were able to bask in the sun. During her tenure, employment rose to its highest level since reunification and unemployment fell to a record low. But the man who will succeed […]

Salary caps: Oviedo expanded its salary cap 641,000 euros in winter

Oviedo, with Francesc Arnau at the controls, had to do a financial engineering exercise tomanage to fit all the pieces and reinforce the template in the winter market.The League has made public this morning the figures forthe new salary capsOnce the winter market is closed and the blue set is one of the 18 sets […]

Women should avoid these 5 mistakes

Demand more money successfully Modesty is a hindrance to women. (Photo: Imago / Westend61) Dusseldorf Management trainer Cornelia Topf advocates a more confident appearance and describes the five biggest mistakes women make in salary negotiations – and the best strategies to avoid them. Mistake 1: Show yourself frugal Women have great qualities: They are clever, […]

How is the new minimum wage applied in 2020? | My rights

The Government and social agents have agreed to increase the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) by 5.5%. Consequently, the monthly salary of Spanish workers with a workday of 40 hours per week goes from 900 to 950 euros, divided into 14 payments. Or, what is the same, they can claim a minimum salary of 31.66 euros […]

KMK President in Interview: Stefanie Hubig Criticizes Country Colleagues for Shortage of Teachers: “Everyone Must Train Enough”

Berlin The new President of the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK), the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Education Stefanie Hubig (SPD), is demanding additional billions from the federal government for the planned full-time care of primary school children from 2025. So far, the federal government has provided two billion euros for the planned legal claim. “However, […]