How many steps a day to take to reduce the risk of gastroesophageal reflux

We all know that regular physical activity, more or less intense, can bring numerous benefits to physical and mental health. This is demonstrated by many studies that suggest that this is capable of increasing life expectancy reducing the risk of disease, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and various cancers. Precisely for this reason, experts […]

This is the magic number of steps to take a day to keep from gaining weight.

Taking 8,600 steps a day will prevent adults from gaining weight, and adults who are already overweight can halve their chances of becoming obese by adding another 2,400 steps to the previous number – that is, 11,000 steps a day, from according to new research. Studies show that, as a rule, a healthy person gains […]

This is how András Stohl walks with his smallest daughter

As nlc also wrote, he is 55 years old András Stohl and his wife Vica Stohl announced to the public in February that they were expecting a baby, and Bella was born this July. So far, the couple has not published a picture of the little girl at all, but now Buci Stohl has posted […]

Walking can reduce back pain, says expert

Have you ever gotten up and felt that hook in your back? Or did you feel that pain when climbing stairs or sitting? One of the biggest complaints of the world population today is back pain. Which is not necessarily limited to the more adult audience. More and more young people and teenagers are also […]

Meat girl “fat to 110 kilograms” climbed the stairs and panted… She threw 42 kilograms of meat and turned into a straight girl, bending over deeply | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

Zhengmei’s appearance more than a year ago is completely different from now. (Picture / Retrieved from tiktok / eggtingg) Singaporean sister Jasmin Ting has a proud and good figure. Every time she bends down, it is hard not to notice the deep groove. But more than a year ago, her weight reached 110 kilograms, which […]

Benefits of Walking, Able to Relieve Joint Pain – Joint pain often comes at night and early morning when the weather is cold. This condition generally occurs as a person ages. Many choose to relieve joint pain using pain relievers or other medications. Actually, there is a natural way that you can try to treat joint pain, namely walking. A study published […]

Special Comments: China’s track races are not in succession + field races are suddenly emerging, and there is no successor to the golden generation of race walking? _Paris Olympic Games_Su Bingtian_Feng Bin

Original title: Special Comment: The Chinese team track race is not successful + the field race has suddenly emerged, and there is no successor to the golden generation? On July 25, Beijing time, the 2022 World Athletics Championships came to an end at Hayward Stadium. The Chinese team finally won 2 golds, 1 silver and […]