Video: Walking on the beach, the man encountered a strange scene

This scene was posted by photographer Stuart Rutherford on the social network Twitter with the status line: “The flock of birds seems to be ‘hypnotized’. They are not flying around and are not starlings, need a word to describe describe this magical scene”. At the beginning of the clip, a flock of birds is sitting […]

What is Silent Walking, practice and benefits of silent walking

Rome, 14 September 2023 – What is the silent walking? Silent walking is a practice that is becoming more and more common among many people, the videos of those who practice it on TikTok are very popular, but its roots are deep and sink into Buddhism: the concept is not new and has been practiced […]

Angola starts walking in the World Cup “Trepidando”

News from Angola – The National Senior Men’s Basketball Team debuted with a defeat this Friday, in Manila, capital of the Philippines, against Italy by 67-81, in the World Cup organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). By: Mateus Luck The Angolan team entered the match better, twice leading by seven points (9-2) and (11-4), […]

Admire the resort villa on the hill “walking tired feet” in Hanoi

Lily’s Home & Retreat is an apartment resort located on a hill overlooking the valley in Thach That (Hanoi). Photo: KienVietWith a mountain-like position, breathtaking water, the architect cleverly created a winding road like a silk strip leading to the houses. Standing from above, looking down, the road is like a soft river flowing into […]

5 exercises help you reduce stress, including brisk walking and dancing

We present to you, our esteemed followers, this news with the title: 5 exercises help you reduce stress, including brisk walking and dancing Which was published on our website on 2023-05-15 05:05:08. And now to the details. Infection of stress and tension is a natural occurrence that can be experienced by anyone who has daily […]

Two media rejecting the trend and walking ‘digital my way’

Following the trend is common. It gives the impression of keeping up with the changing times and lowers the risk of ‘exploding’, as they say. So, in many cases, whether it is an individual or a company, they jump on the bandwagon that can be said to be a stable option under the pretext of […]

Concordia Rheinberg plans formation of walking football group

Schalke 04 have a team, as do Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen. You can play walking football with these four Bundesliga clubs. It is an alternative for senior footballers with physical disabilities or limited mobility. Without blood slides, faster running is prohibited. Concordia Rheinberg would like to found such a group and is […]

Propaganda on fire prevention and fighting at Hoan Kiem Lake walking space

On Saturday morning, March 18, 2022, in the pedestrian zone of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, residents and visitors were directly propagated and disseminated by soldiers of the Fire and Rescue Police and Civil Service, disseminating legal knowledge on fire prevention and fighting. instructing basic skills when fire and explosion incidents occur and skills to use […]