Two fishermen found after six weeks in the Pacific

Godfrey Capelle and Thomas Benjamin survived six weeks in the Pacific. The two Marshall Islands fishermen were on board a small boat, equipped only with an outboard motor. They were finally able to return to the mainland and docked in Namoluk, the smallest atoll in Micronesia, some 1,600 km from where they left, local officials […]

Could a wandering star expel Earth from the Solar System?

José Manuel NievesFOLLOW Updated:02/27/2020 20: 03h save Related news Our daily routine does not even allow us to suspect it, but the Universe is a dangerous place and life, on any planet that is found, faces numerous threats that could eliminate it in a rapid and brutal stroke. One of those threats, asteroids, solar flares […]

Explore Fresno County Fruit Trail – NBC Los Angeles

FINISH FINLAND? We can do this when the equation comes, even though the Golden State is going around which speaks well about the spring before it officially arrives. The Fresno area has one of the most fragile and tasty and flowery ones at various ranges and farms. It is a region that is lush with […]