New Deliveries of American Weapons to Ukraine, Excluding Long-Range ATACMS Missiles: Updates on International Support and Recent Developments

►New deliveries of American weapons, but no long-range ATACMS missiles The White House announced Thursday, September 21 that the United States would deliver“important” anti-aircraft defense means to Ukraine, but Joe Biden does not wish to provide long-range ATACMS missiles requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, visiting Washington. The American President “decided that it would not […]

Volodymyr Zelensky visits wounded Ukrainian soldiers in New York hospital

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in New York on Monday September 18 at the bedside of soldiers of his army who were seriously injured but whom he encouraged to return quickly to Ukraine to defeat Russia. In Staten Island University Hospital, the smallest district of the megacity, Volodymyr Zelensky spent a few minutes in restraint […]

China’s Top Diplomat Visits Russia for High-Level Security Talks amid Ukraine Crisis

First modification: 09/18/2023 – 17:49 01:24 China’s top diplomat Wang Yi begins a four-day visit to Russia for high-level security talks. China has sought to position itself as a neutral party in the Ukraine war, while offering Moscow a vital diplomatic and financial lifeline as its international isolation deepens. Report by Adrián Foncillas. Continue reading […]

Russia Reinforces Defenses in Tokmak Amidst Ukrainian Advance in the South

⏳ This news is updated regularly with the latest information available. To learn more about how it is made, consult the methodology. Today, Sunday, September 17, day 571 of the war: Russia reinforces its defenses in Tokmak in the face of the Ukrainian advance in the south Russia is strengthening its defenses around the occupied […]

Romania Summons Russian Ambassador Again as Drone Incursion Persists

Romania summons the Russian ambassador again due to the fall of a drone on its territory. “Given the identification, on September 13, 2023, of new fragments of a drone similar to those used by the Russian Army, scattered over an area of ​​several tens of meters, in the county of Tulcea, the Ministry of Foreign […]

The Farce of Russian Elections: Keeping Up Appearances at the Kremlin’s Expense

The elections in Russia were a farce, but the Kremlin doesn’t care: the main thing is to keep up appearances. Mobile voting booth in Russian-occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region Photo: Alexander Ermochenko/reuters To describe the so-called Russian regional elections as real satire is a clear understatement. If the political situation in Russia wasn’t so […]

Cuban Youth Caught in Human Trafficking Scandal with Russia

President of Cuba Miguez Diaz-Canel. PHILL MAGAKOE/AFP Havana, which has continued to strengthen its military cooperation with Moscow, officially condemns this “trafficking in human beings”. Havana On the borders of the cities of Cojimar and Camilo-Cienfuegos, suburbs located a few minutes from Havana, Cubans are passionate this week for the latest news of the moment. […]

Russia’s Wheat Dominance Surges as War in Ukraine Shifts Supply Chains

Russia, which became a net importer of wheat 25 years ago, recovered after the collapse of the Soviet bloc to become the world’s leading exporter in 2016. Reference image. Exceptional harvests and aggressive prices further boost the dominant position of Russia (the world’s leading wheat exporter) in the world trade of this grain and today […]

Russia to Produce Shahed Drones Locally, Intensifies Attacks on Ukraine

Russia has plans to produce until the end of the year in its own territory 1,300 Shahed drones of Iranian design that until now it imported already assembled from the Islamic country, according to information that Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) says it has obtained. “We are working to understand where exactly the drones are made […]