Medvedev announces Russia’s readiness for war with NATO

He recalled the recent transfer of “Abrams” tanks to Kyiv and the planned deliveries of long-range ATACMS missiles, as well as the honoring of 98-year-old veteran of the SS “Galichin” division Yaroslav Hunku in the Canadian Parliament, which was later recognized as a mistake, The Moscow Times reports. “It seems that Russia is left with […]

Ukraine War: Kiev Says It Killed Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander

The commander of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea is claimed to have been killed by Ukraine after last Friday’s attack on the headquarters of the Russian Navy in Crimea. Ukraine has been referring to the attack since Friday, saying it demonstrated its ability to strike the Russians in annexed Crimea. Unbelievable: Swearing with […]

KLM cancels flights due to war in Nagorno-Karabakh

This concerns the flights from Amsterdam via Taipei to Seoul and from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. According to KLM, KL863 was already on its way to Tokyo. He had to return to Amsterdam. Several flights have also been delayed. Azerbaijan on Tuesday attacked Nagorno-Karabakh, an Azerbaijani region where mainly Armenians live. KLM […]

Turkiye imports coal from Russian-occupied territory… War funding controversy

[이데일리 방성훈 기자] Controversy has arisen over Turkiye’s purchase of coal produced in occupied Ukraine, which was forcibly annexed by Russia. There is criticism that it is helping Russia raise war funds. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin are shaking hands while holding a meeting in Sochi, Russia on the 4th […]

Ukraine war, oil discoveries and old debts: Summer in Cuba

Oil drilling in western Cuba: A new discovery in the fields of Matanzas province is making people sit up and take notice (Source: Cubadebate) “Cuba Today” is back from its summer break. At first glance, little has happened in Cuba in the past few weeks: there is nothing new on the major economic issues, which […]

Electric vehicle subsidy investigation, EU-China trade war is about to break out

The European Union announced on Wednesday (13th) that it will launch an investigation into China’s electric vehicle subsidies. This move highlights the increasingly fierce industrial and geopolitical competition between Europe and China. The anti-subsidy investigation may snowball into a EU-China trade war. Spending money to subsidize the rapid expansion of electric vehicles in China According […]