China’s Nuclear Bombers Are Again Deployed to Scare America – All Pages

Sosok.ID – China is hot-tempered. Beijing wants to hit the United States (US) in the Pacific immediately. So Xi Jinping will immediately deploy his military to fulfill that goal. One photo shows that China has deployed at least one H-6J bomber to Woody Island or Yongxing in the northern part of the South China Sea […]

Kathy unpacks: It was that bad with the Kelly Family – Tv

When Kathy Kelly speaks in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house about her time with the Kelly Family, she bursts into tears. In the fourth episode “Celebrity Big Brother” it got particularly emotional for candidate Kathy Kelly. Roommate Sascha Heyne asked her about her time with the Kelly family: “Did it hit you back then that […]

Lawsuit against state for war damage to the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies

Japanese Debt of Honor begins a lawsuit against the Dutch state to enforce compensation for the physical and psychological damage suffered by the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies during World War II. The foundation announced this on Tuesday. According to the organization, the state refuses to take responsibility for the damage suffered by victims […]

Death of the poet Frédéric Jacques Temple

Frédéric Jacques Temple died Wednesday. It is as if lightning had fallen in Aujargues, in the Gard, where he had lived with his wife for a long time. The poet, novelist, translator would turn 99 in a few days. In the retrospective anthology of his literary journey published in January (the Infinite Hunt and other […]