News from the battlefield: Ukrainian command fixed the problem in Donbass

Note: The following overview does not claim to be complete. It is undoubtedly lagging behind the actual development of events and will certainly be inaccurate in some respects. A number of claims by the warring parties can only be confirmed with a delay, if at all. Sources are linked by clicking in the text. The […]

TNI AL is very lucky to have one of the shrewd strategic warships in heavyweight missions – If we discuss the Navy warships then everything is quite sophisticated. Not only sophisticated, but the role and qualifications of the Indonesian Navy warships are also very impressive. Also read: This type of Chinese Navy stealth corvette turned out to be defeated by the Diponegoro and Bung Tomo classes belonging to the Indonesian […]

The quick takeover of Chernobyl by the occupiers was no accident. A network of Russian agents was behind it, writes Reuters — ČT24 — Czech Television

At the time of the invasion, Russia had agents in Ukraine’s defense, security and repressive sectors, according to Danilov. He declined to name names, but said such traitors must be “neutralized” at all costs. Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation is now investigating whether the Chernobyl unit acted illegally when it handed over its weapons to […]

Master of amputations. Even enemies envied Napoleon’s doctors, inspired MASH

Where did the corpses go? Scientists solve the mystery of the Battle of Waterloo, they have a terrifying theory Larrey saved the lives of thousands of soldiers with his innovative approach. Thanks to his revolutionary ideas, the number of those who were able to survive even serious injuries in battle increased rapidly. Larrey realized that […]

Residence sticker in Ukrainian passport needed soon, time is of the essence

NOS NOS News•Monday, 10:56•Amended Monday, 11:29 Ukrainian refugees will need a sticker in their passport from 1 September to show that they are allowed to live and work in the Netherlands. As of today, all IND locations where Ukrainians can go for such a sticker are in operation: Assen, Nieuwegein, Amsterdam, Deventer, Rijswijk and Den […]

Putin State Oil Can Enter Europe, Origin…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World oil prices moved up in trading this morning. However, the price of light sweet oil is still below US$ 100/barrel. On Monday (25/7/2022) at 07:02 WIB, the price of Brent oil was at US$103.67/barrel. Up 0.46% from last weekend’s closing position. Meanwhile, the light sweet or West Texas Intermediate (WTI) […]

Political muscle-fighting keeps billions of gas under Cyprus untouched

news hour Saskia Dekkers correspondent Europa Saskia Dekkers correspondent Europa Europe correspondent Saskia Dekkers makes for news hour the series ‘The New Wall’, about the changes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is bringing about in the rest of Europe. She has already traveled to Norway once. This time she is in Cyprus, where she also […]