The government’s war on Twitter

(ANSA) – ISTANBUL, 19 GEN – The government of Turkey punishes Twitter, because, as of today, the American social network will no longer be able to receive advertising revenue in the country for not agreeing to comply with local legislation on the the Web Such regulation is considered by the opposition and NGOs as a […]

Covid-19: an epidemic revealing an ecological and societal crisis

Tribune. The year 2020 will have been marked by the first epidemic translation of the planetary ecological crisis. If we are not careful, other epidemics will follow because the same causes will produce the same effects. We know the impetus, namely the extremely rapid transmission of a coronavirus, a virus that has crossed the species […]

when the war in Rwanda haunts the corridors of the metro

Tuesday is after 10 p.m. With the curfew, the corridors of the Lille metro should be peaceful. At the CHU-Eurasanté station, a maintenance agent is busy. As if from nowhere, a stranger swoops in on him. ” Chaitan! Commando !, the user yells. I’m going to kill you ! I’m going to kill you ! […]

The Importance of Weather – Hypocritical winds and heated snowfalls

International News Hypocritical winds and heated snowfalls The pirate @PirataEcdqemsd | December 14, 2020 | ECDQEMSD Podcast Hear this editorial on the podcast Welcome to news international and the climate that freezes and reheats world political agendas. With the climate being a global concern, it seems that Joe Biden has planned to rebuild the damage […]

POINT OF VIEW. 25 years after the end of the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina at an impasse

Twenty-five years after the signing in Paris, on December 14, 1995, of the peace agreements negotiated on the American military base in Dayton (Ohio), Bosnia-Herzegovina is still subject to a semi-protectorate regime. The international administration, embodied by the High Representative, however confines itself to defending an a minima conception of “stability”, summing up to the […]

Ryanair announces price war in Europe after pandemic

The boss of Ryanair accuses national companies of wanting to maintain an artificially low offer in order to be able to charge tickets at higher prices. After the pandemic, Ryanair intends to strengthen its position in Europe by practicing low prices, announced Monday the boss of the low-cost airline Michael O’Leary. The company also intends […]

MUI Responds to the Question of Jihad in Azan

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Indonesian Ulema Council has spoken out regarding the circulation of the video call to prayer calling for jihad. According to the MUI, there can be no increase in the call for jihad in the call to prayer. “The call to prayer is a holy call for the sake of worship, its […]