Water pipe burst, turned to battlefield

The incident occurred on the night, at 00.30, on the Youth Street separating the Gebze district Güzeller Mahallesi and Arapçeşme Mahallesi. The main pipe through which the drinking water passes burst for an unknown reason. The waters gushing from the pipe overflowed the street. Citizens immediately informed the authorities while the streets and houses were […]

Doyna War – Announced dead, three hours later, Kadidia Samaké sneezes! –

Her death was announced by the medical profession at the G-spot hospital where she is undergoing treatment for cancer that affected her leg. But that is not the case: the Malian basketball player Kadidia Samaké is alive and well. Indeed, according to sources well introduced to the Department of Sports, the attending physician announced his […]

Rambo got their Turkish version! Trailer

And John Rambo has received 5 films to date with Sylvester Stallone, the character has inspired hundreds of other feature films around the world. There is no shortage of copies. Among the most striking, we can cite Rampage aka Korkusuz le Turkish Rambo and its continuation carried out respectively in 1983 and 1986. His mission […]

The Main Reasons of Middle East Conflict Do Not Muffle, White House Officially Announces US Military Will Not Cease Fighting 7 Al-Qaeda-Based Countries: All Conflicts Are Legal

Special via digest American Army currently operating Gridhot.ID – The US military activities seem to never stop being reported in the media. Even the conflict with the Middle East until now has not been muted. Based on the latest White House war report, the US military officially fights in seven countries. Also Read: These Meatball […]