Google issues an urgent warning to two million Chrome users

Google issued an urgent alert to users of its Chrome browser, and called for the software to be updated without delay. Google Chrome now has approximately 2.65 billion users as it dominates the web browser market. And anyone using Chrome should make sure they update it completely to the latest version without delay. This is […]

Police warn: New scam with credit codes – Thuringia

Eisenach / Ilmenau – According to the police, victims were always sellers on online platforms. The perpetrators appeared as alleged buyers. During the purchase negotiations, the strangers offered to have the goods picked up by a parcel service. However, this would require insurance in advance. For this purpose, the seller should transmit the codes of […]

Strong storms swept through the Czech Republic, firefighters evacuated children and campers

Firefighters in the Vysočina region have been busy since Monday evening. “In connection with the weather, firefighters went to almost forty events. They removed fallen trees from roads, drained water from flooded buildings and monitored the condition of flooded streams,” their spokeswoman Petra Musilová told on Tuesday morning. Firefighters also had to evacuate a […]

Greece will be hit by a heat wave, which should last almost two weeks

The heat wave should last up to almost two weeks. July 26, 2021 at 1:47 pm TASR ARTÉNY. Greece is preparing for a wave of extreme heat when temperatures are forecast to reach 44 degrees Celsius in the coming days. The DPA news agency reported on Monday. The Greek Meteorological Service and the National Civil […]

Index – Domestic – Awesome heat is coming, a tertiary warning has been issued

On Monday, a second-level warning will take place in the southern landscapes, a second-level warning from Tuesday in a large area, and a third-degree warning in the south-east due to the heat, warns based on the National Meteorological Service’s warning signal. If you hadn’t had enough heat so far, you will surely be satisfied now, […]

Collusion between officials and businessmen?The funeral industry handed out the business card before the ambulance arrived, the fire station exposed the horror truth-Society-China Times

Collusion between officials and businessmen? The funeral and interment industry handed out business cards before the ambulance arrived and exposed the horror truth (taken from the Youtube channel “New Taipei Fire Fighting Face”) Earlier, people broke the news and called an ambulance. Later, funeral and interment operators came to hand out business cards, questioning the […]

Missing a warning about mosquito repellent is expensive

Missing warning notice for biocides Who? Wetega UG (by lawyer Sandhage)How much? 280.60 eurosAffected? Online retailer of insect repellent spray The Sandhage law firm has once again found a reason to issue a warning. An online retailer offered insect repellent spray in his shop without mentioning the corresponding warning for biocides. According to Art. 72 […]

Coinbase co-founder issues serious warning about cryptocurrency prices

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices struggled this week, with the total value of the crypto market dropping to less than $1.5 trillion from $2.5 trillion in May. After a short-lived boost from billionaire Elon Musk, the price of bitcoin has resumed its decline over the past few days, dropping around $30,000 per bitcoin. As Bitcoin’s […]