Here is the most complete and detailed map of the Moon to date

Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 3:45 pm – With the naked eye, during clear evenings, we can see some craters and crevices on the surface of the Moon. Nothing to do with what the spectacular geological map released this week by the United States Institute of Geological Studies (USGS), however, reveals. To achieve this result, […]

After a whole family is poisoned, when will eating “catfish” be toxic?

05:00 PM Sunday 23 February 2020 I wrote – Shaima Morsi A couple and their three children were suffering from food poisoning after eating a caramel meal at home in Al Rahmania Center, Beheira Governorate. In this regard, we explain to you the types of catfish and its harmful effects on health, according to what […]

3 United States Dead Fire Bombers Received from the Australian Forest – NBC Los Angeles

When the three flying firefighters and the phone recorder from the water baker where they died on an unprecedented sovereign crisis in Australia arrived on Saturday when their families in Sydney arrived, officials said. Ian McBeth of Great Falls, Montana, Paul Clyde Hudson from Buckeye, Arizona, and Rick A. DeMorgan of Navarre, Florida, died when […]