Pope Francis warns of the “cruelty” of the situation of migrants in Italy

Pope Francis defended this Friday that the situation of migrants in Italy reveals “cruelty”, the start of a trip to the French city Marseille, where he will meet President Emmanuel Macron. Referring to the increase in the landing of refugees on the small Italian island of Lampedusa, the Pope said that the condition in which […]

Sedapal warns of possible shortages in Lima and Callao

Sedapal warns of possible shortages in Lima and Callao According to the state company, Enel had planned to carry out sediment removal tasks at the Huampaní plant He Lima Drinking Water and Sewerage Service (Sedapal) announced on Saturday that the sediment cleaning work carried out by the multinational company Enel at the Huampaní hydroelectric plant, […]

SBS warns about informal financial activities on the internet

The Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS), in response to various queries and in safeguarding the interests of citizens, warns that schemes that carry out financial activities without being registered or without authorization from this institution have been operating in the country. The following entities and schemas They do not have authorization from the […]

The Red Cross warns of the danger of unexploded ordnance in Derna after the flood

Libya News 24 On Thursday, the International Committee of the Red Cross warned of the danger of unexploded ordnance and abandoned ammunition depots in the city of Derna after floods. Jan Fredes, head of the International Committee delegation to Libya, said, according to a statement published by the Red Cross on its website, “The International […]

It is a tense domestic political situation. Artsakh NSS warns that in case of overthrowing the constitutional order, decisive actions will be taken

Due to presidential elections by the National Assembly of Artsakh on September 9, a tense domestic political situation has been created in the republic, this is reported by the NSS of Artsakh. “At the same time, different political forces, taking advantage of the situation, call for gatherings and demonstrations, trying to destabilize the situation in […]

US approves direct military support for Taiwan and China warns of consequences

Washington had already proceeded to sell arms to Taiwan, but this time the US State Department will allocate an envelope of 80 million dollars (about 73 million euros) to the island, making it clear, however, that it is not tries to recognize Taiwan’s sovereignty. A spokesman for the US State Department said that this military […]

WHO warns of maternal mortality in Afghanistan

Limited medical resources make services maternity health care not guaranteed. (Source: Theprint) On average, there are 24 . per day in Afghanistan pregnant woman death from pregnancy complications. This is the data provided by the Office World Health Organization (WHO) in Afghanistan announced on August 28. According to WHO Afghanistan, these are completely preventable deaths. […]

Regime warns self-employed workers: “No one can refuse banking access”

MIAMI, United States. — “Nobody can deny that a client pays them electronically”. This was warned by the Prime Minister of the Cuban regime, Manuel Marrero, in reference to businesses that continue to demand payment in cash. During a work meeting from the Palace of the Revolution, the senior official indicated that where the conditions […]