Krefeld needs a “turning point for education”​

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Corona in daycare centers and schools: why so few children have corona – knowledge

Photo: dpa/Sebastian Gollnow Significantly fewer corona infections are registered among children than among adolescents and adults. Why is that? Two studies provide clues. The number of corona infections is falling, the autumn wave has apparently broken. The values ​​for children are particularly low: around 50 for 0 to 4 year olds, around 140 for 5 […]

Togo: inauguration of a health center exclusively dedicated to the treatment of cancer

(Togo First) – Togo now has its first health center exclusively dedicated to the treatment of cancer. The Lomé International Cancer Center was inaugurated yesterday Thursday, November 03 by the Togolese Minister of Health, Public Hygiene and Universal Access to Care, Prof Moustafa Mijiyawa. The new structure is located in Adidogomé Amadahomé, rue de l’Ecosse, […]

Language as the key to the world

Darmstadt ⋅ The city of Darmstadt intends to spend more than half a million euros on its own to continue the federal program for language day-care centers, which will officially expire at the end of the year. As the operator of 30 day-care centers, of which 18 facilities have so far taken advantage of the […]

Omicron wave: Small children are often immune to corona in the medium wave

“This is the first study to determine antibodies against the new coronavirus in small children after the omicron wave in Germany,” emphasizes study author Dr. Geraldine Engels. So far it has been clear that many small children must have been infected by the Omicron variant – but how many exactly was measured for the first […]

All the arsenal to storm the Camp Nou

Celta challenges Barcelona’s leadership on Sunday with all its arsenal. The team from Vigo appears at the Camp Nou with all their available troops for the first time this season and the only doubt is whether Eduardo Coudet, who is still in Buenos Aires due to a family emergency, will sit on the bench at […]

“We shared so many beautiful moments”

Cinema-TV-Review People The director will be repatriated to Belgium “as soon as possible. He died of a heart attack in Cairo, Egypt. Director of the incredible shows of the Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone passed away this Friday, September 30, while in Cairo, Egypt. His repatriation to Belgium will take place “as soon as possible”, […]

The federal government no longer supports language education in day-care centers

DThe science city is sounding the alarm because the federal government is ending support for language acquisition for children from families with a migration background in day-care centers this year. “The withdrawal of the federal government from the funding of this absolutely important and successful program for early childhood education and participation is very regrettable. […]

Schools and daycare centers in Saxony: These corona rules will apply from March 7th

Are there still face-to-face classes at Saxony’s schools? Yes, schools have been offering face-to-face classes across the board since summer 2021. State-wide school closures are no longer planned. Has the obligation to attend been lifted? Compulsory school attendance will be reintroduced from March 7th. According to the Saxon Ministry of Culture, deregistrations from school attendance […]