T. rex fossil sells for $32 million, the most expensive ever auctioned

A 67-million-year-old T. rex specimen, named Stan, will be auctioned off by Christie’s on Oct. 6 and will be on display in the windows of Christie’s Rockefeller Center starting Wednesday. Robert Frank | CNBC A fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex, nicknamed Stan, sold at auction for $31.85 million, becoming the most expensive dinosaur fossil ever sold. The […]

Carvana’s owners became $ 5 billion richer in one day

The American company Carvana, which trades in used cars, has not yet published its quarterly results. Despite the little information the company has shared in recent years, Ernie Garcia Sr. and his son Ernie Garcia Jr. have become some of the richest people in the United States. The father is the largest shareholder in the […]

Trevor Milton lost $ 757 million a day after retiring from Nikola

A few months ago, the founder of electric truck manufacturer Nikola Trevor Milton became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States, increasing his wealth several times after the company’s debut on the stock exchange. But today, he is rapidly losing his fortune after a report a few days ago accused Nikola of […]

Vitoria, the eleventh city in Spain with the highest wealth per inhabitant

What in Vitoria and Basque Country there are quality of life not only the people of Vitoria or the Basques say it. The statistics also say it, in this case, economic. The last Urban Indicators of the National Institute of Statistics place the capital of Alava in the eleventh position within the ‘top’ 50 of […]

Jeff Bezos’ Wealth Increased Again, Reached IDR 2,526 Trillion

NEW YORK, KOMPAS.com – The wealth of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos again reached its highest level. This confirmed Bezos’s position as the richest person in the world. Quoted from BloombergOn Thursday (2/7/2020), Amazon shares shot 4.4 percent in trading Wednesday (1/7/2020) local time. As a result, Bezos’ wealth jumped to 176.1 billion US […]