Velizar Shalamanov: The situation with Lavrov’s plane is a provocation

“The situation with the plane of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, which was not allowed in our airspace, is a pure provocation.“This was stated on BNT by former Defense Minister Velizar Shalamanov. According to him, this was a test of the government’s integrity. Pressing weaknesses, Russia wants to show that sanctions do not work, he […]

what can destroy in a second – Libero Quotidiano

Europe continues to support Ukraine by sending weapons to the battlefield. But what makes the difference in the war is the type of weapons that each individual country of the Union decides to send to Kiev. And in this context, as he points out ilFattoQuotidianolaciarazzi are decisive for the fate of the conflict “Matador“. These […]

Arms to Ukraine, what are the positions of Draghi, the M5s, the Pd and Fi

A long round of applause on March 1st. And the bipartisan approval of two resolutions voted by a very large majority. Five hundred and twenty yes in the House, 244 votes in the Senate. Thus began the political affair that guided the government in managing the war in Ukraine. All (or almost) united in support […]

a slap to Joe Biden – Libero Quotidiano

Mirko Molteni 14 maggio 2022 So far theItalia has succumbed toUkraine weapons for 150 million euros. The weight of our country in the game, as highlighted by a report by the Kiel Institute, is lower than that of Estonia and Slovakia. The Italian government, unlike other states, has not officially disclosed the list of weapons […]

Maxi confiscation of weapons and drugs

Weapons and drugs buried in some bins in the shade of the vegetation of the Lattari Mountains. The Carabinieri of the Gragnano station found a machine gun with silencer, three pistols cal. 9 – one of these with a stamped registration number and another resulting from a theft committed in 2017 in a municipal police […]