At the end of the month, the cold wave hit many places and the temperature dropped by more than 10 degrees!Heavy snow in Northeast, cloudy and rainy in South–fast technology–Technology changes the future

In the near future, affected by the cold air, there will be large-scale cooling, rainfall, and snowfall in many places in the north and south of my country, especially in South China and Northeast China. According to the forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory,From 24 to 26, there will be northerly winds of magnitude 4-6 […]

Flood weekend in the South; forecasts in detail »

Meteo interview with meteorologist Andrea Garbinato: Flood weekend in the South; forecasts in detail Flood weekend in the South; forecasts in detailThe month of November, suddenly and after an endless summer, is showing purely autumnal characteristics, with repeating cyclones. After the passage of Poppea cycloneone of the strongest in decades, with a deep pressure 985 […]

It’s unbelievable! New football blunder on BNT VIDEO

VISIT THE 2022 WORLD CUP Blitz PAGE – HERE! The famous BNT TV commentator Ivaylo Angelov is back with a new gaffe. He also became famous at the World Cup in 2014, when he called the Chile-Mexico team 16 times during their match with Brazil. Winbet – double the thrill of the game! (18+) The […]

A surprising problem hit Spain

VISIT THE 2022 WORLD CUP Blitz PAGE – HERE! The breeder of the national team of Spain Luis Enrique has to deal with a surprising problem just two days before his team’s first match at the 2022 World Cup – against Costa Rica on Wednesday at 6pm. Seven players of the “red furies” have a […]

If a “Black Swan” occurs in Russia, we can get Crimea back, the general claims

A Ukrainian general has stated that if a Black Swan event occurs in Russia, it may happen that Ukraine will conquer Crimea this year. For now, tens of kilometers of Russian-occupied territory lie between Ukrainian positions and access to Crimea. During his trip to Great Britain, Ukrainian General Volodymyr Havrylov gave an interview to the […]

A meteor crosses the skies of Ontario

Spectacular videos captured a meteor lighting up the sky over Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto. The “less than a meter” object, named #C8FF042, has turned into a fireball, the European Space Agency has confirmed. “A three-foot object struck in the sky over Niagara Falls, becoming a harmless fireball,” the agency wrote on […]

China stuck out its claws. Red line for the US, an unpleasant message for the Russians

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the G20 summit and the Asia-Pacific Economic Community (APEC) meeting in recent days. Although the world learned about some of the partial conclusions of the negotiations that the Chinese president had at the summit from the reports of his counterparts, for example the American president, […]