Sensational news for a famous native TV show

The TV show “Code Sport” changes the field for the beginning of its seventh season this Sunday at 12.30. The show remains on TV +, but will now be distributed by the A1 platform, not by Bulsatcom. The change comes after the general separation of the TV + channels with the current operator. Winbet – […]

The famous Arctic walrus, which got lost in Europe, went back home

He became an animal celebrity, cruising the waters around Western Europe for over half a year, and now a stray Arctic walrus called Wally headed home. Animal rights activists confirmed that he was spotted near Iceland on Sunday. The news aroused enthusiasm, no one had seen Wally in over three weeks, never disappeared for so […]

Extreme drought: a ghost village reappears

Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 6:09 PM – Drought is so severe in this region that water reservoirs are reaching critical levels. So much so that a ghost village has reappeared. A severe drought is raging in Utah. These exceptional conditions exposed previously covered lands, revealing vestiges of the past. At Rockport Reservoir, the water […]

Students tried their choices. They turned out completely differently than the surveys

While Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s YES movement rules the pre-election polls, the party has failed among high school students. On the contrary, the coalitions TOGETHER and PIRSTAN would certainly like everyone to vote as young people. High school students tried the elections to the Chamber of Deputies on Monday and Tuesday. The results show that […]

A minibus driver killed a famous TV presenter

A minibus driver killed famous TV commentator Chris Anker Sorensen. The 37-year-old Dane was riding a bicycle on a popular bike path near Seebrugge in Belgium when he was hit. Sorensen is a former professional cyclist. He was in Belgium as part of the Danish TV Sport 2 team to comment on the current World […]