Former footballer Ricardo Ciciliano passed away

At 43 years old, Ricardo Ciciliano, who was confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the La Asunción Clinic, passed away after relapsing to uon pneumoniasince he had already had it for 20 days in the same medical center during the month of August. Some time after being discharged, Ciciliano felt bad again and […]

Climate change: Measured above 20 degrees Celsius in the Antarctic for the first time

The records tumble: the thermometer at the Argentine research station Esperanza measured 18.3 degrees Celsius on February 6, 2020 on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, according to the South American state’s meteorological service. The previous high on the mainland was 17.5 degrees Celsius, set in March 2015. Antarctic islands, on the other hand, […]

UK Develops World’s Most Advanced Climate Computer

Christian Garavaglia 20 Feb Today’s Met Office supercomputer collects more than 200 billion observations from various sources each day. In recent weeks, the United Kingdom was subjected to severe flooding and damage caused by the tormenta Ciara and the storm Dennis. The latter caused the death of at least 3 people and was of such […]

The political crisis magnifies racist attitudes in Bolivia | International

Yolanda Mamani, activist and journalist, attended a rally in La Paz, called in response to allegations of fraud against the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) – the ruling party – in the October 20 elections. This woman, who identifies as a chola (indigenous mestizo woman), says that many of the slogans she heard that night, that […]

“It hurts a lot, Ciciliano was up for great things”: Víctor Pacheco

You can’t believe it. Víctor Danilo Pacheco, a prominent Atlantic footballer, still has not come out of his astonishment at the death of ex-footballer Ricardo Ciciliano. Although he was clear that he was in a serious medical condition, ‘Pachequito’ kept the hope that “the bald man”, as he sometimes called him affectionately, would leave the […]

Ricardo Ciciliano “is better,” says his mother

Doña Azalia Bustillo’s voice of concern and anguish is noted. Ricardo Ciciliano’s mother and the whole family have been praying and in suspense for the health of the ex-footballer atlanticense, who last Monday was confined in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the La Asunción Clinic, after relapsing into pneumonia that he had already had […]

Weather extremes: 114.9 degrees Celsius difference on our earth – guide

Ember hell Australia: Heat and drought have parched the country and made it prone to firesPhoto: dpa items from: Ralf Klostermann published on January 8th, 2020 – 11:05 pm Inconceivable: Within a short time, a temperature difference of 114.9 degrees was reported in two different places on earth. Two weather records are responsible for this! […]

Carlo Petrini: “It’s time to change, let businesses lead by example”

“The horizon is tinged with green, the important thing is that it is not a green facade”. It is a mixture of enthusiasm and disenchantment that emerges from the words of Carlo Petrini, which will be among the protagonists of the Green & Blue Festival. Petrini is the founder of Slow Food, the activist and […]

| Sergio Porporatto spoke at an international symposium on Sports Medicine

The sports doctor is part of the team of the Sports Program of the Government of San Luis. He spoke about “Scoliosis and Sports” before renowned medical professionals from different parts of the world. Sergio Porporatto spoke at an international symposium on Sports Medicine. Between September 10 and 12, the International Symposium on Sports Medicine […]

Weather for October – weather in Ukraine

The second month of autumn in Ukraine will be quite warm, however, the first serious frosts are predicted in October. From open sources The weather in Ukraine in October will be quite warm, but the first serious frosts are predicted in October. The absolute maximum air temperature will be 25-35 degrees Celsius, and the absolute […]