4, Is there a curfew for July 5? Will there be a curfew on the weekend?

Curfew recently started to come up again recently, after the increasing number of corona viruses. However, after the scientific committee meeting, which was decisive in making the decision, no information regarding the curfew was given, so the curfew will not be applied this week. IS THERE A PROHIBITION TO REMOVE THE WEEKEND? After seeing that […]

A polar cold wave freezes the southern tip of Argentina | Global World Blog

An ice-covered vehicle in the Argentine municipality of Río Grande. In video, the polar cold wave that hits the southern tip of Argentina. Río Grande Municipality EFE In Río Grande, a city in the extreme south of Argentina, last Tuesday the waves broke against the beach but did not return at all. Part of the […]

Is there a curfew on the weekend? Has the curfew been declared for July 4, 5?

The curfew, which was re-announced with the exams held in the last two weeks, was also the subject of curiosity for citizens this weekend. Following the recommendations to be given by the scientific committee, it was expected to discuss whether there would be a curfew on 4 July and 5 July. However, no information on […]

I can’t, I have cinema: the movies not to be missed this week

Trailers and our reviews. Parasite (Joon-ho Bong) The Palme d’Or 2019 in black and white version. The remarkable narrative power, including as much the pleasure of the thrilling thriller as the relevant social and political analysis, is also essential. But, quite naturally, this black and white reinforces social satire, centers our gaze on the characters, […]

Optimism in a new week of negotiations (speed up the default clock)

The second week of the fourth, and final, stage of negotiation with the bondholders will begin today with some optimism from the parties in dispute: the communication between the Government and the three groups representing creditors with debt issued under international law, is again tuned in and in full exchange of proposals. It is a […]

Florida, record of coronavirus cases: 43,784 in one week

The state health department adds 141,075 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus since the start of the outbreak and 3,419 deaths, 29 more than the day before, according to Paola Pérez published in Orlando Sentinel. There were also 14,244 hospitalizations, 108 more than on Saturday. So far in a week, Florida had 43,784 new positives of Covid-19 […]

Coronavirus: over half a million deaths worldwide – World

There are over 500,000 coronavirus victims worldwide, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The infections have exceeded 10 million in the past few hours. In detail, the deaths for Covid-19 in the world are 500,108I The Colombia yesterday recorded 4,149 new cases of coronavirus, the third daily record in a week and a balance […]