Bryce Dallas Howard was pressured to lose weight for the Jurassic World movies

On many occasions, actors are forced to undergo great physical transformations and thus be able to give life to the character that touches them. Throughout history we have seen the extreme physical changes of some performers who have had to gain muscle mass or lose weight to embody certain roles. However, there are times when […]

Price of the dollar today in Mexico: Exchange rate August 24, 2022

When starting operations the price of the dollar today wednesday it was up to 20.48 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the exchange rate interbank It stands at 19.92 pesos per dollar, with a gain of 0.26 percent. Citibanamex sells the dollar at 20.48 pesos, while BBVA Mexico did it in 2020, Banorte at 20.30 pesos and […]

Fitness trackers motivate us to exercise – Hi-tech

Fitness trackers, pedometers and smartwatches motivate us to exercise more and lose weight by encouraging us to walk up to 40 minutes more each day (about 1,800 more steps), with an average weight loss of one kilo in five months. This was revealed by a research by the University of South Australia, published in The […]

How to get the most out of every peso invested in fertilization

By Francis Oliver, Produce Conserving Foundation We are at the gates of a new agricultural campaign with very particular characteristics in terms of commodity, input and fertilizer prices. In the last year the prices of Corn, Soybean and Wheat have risen 27%, 25% and 63% respectively and Urea and Diammonium Phosphate (PDA) 150% and 111%. […]

Does post-workout beer ruin your weight and running performance goals?

The study did not consider the participants’ nutrition During this time: Often, when people start a new exercise program, they also start eating healthier, according to Goodson. If this were the case for the participants, it could play a role in improving their body composition. Eating healthier in general may have given them a little […]

Body fat: how to know if your pet is within the weight | Health

shutterstock Taking care to keep the animal’s weight within the limit is very important for its health. Summary Excess fat can bring complications to pets’ health, including joint problems. The tutor can identify if the pet is within the appropriate levels by observing the pet’s waist, which must be palpable Metabolic disorders may contribute to […]

here is the perfect time to weigh yourself

When on a diet, is there a perfect time to weigh yourself? Is it better to do it in the morning or in the afternoon? According to a study conducted by Cornell University and published in the journal Plos One, there is not only the perfect time to weigh yourself, but also the day! Here’s […]

Ukrainian driver found dead in his truck on a motorway rest area

A 61-year-old Ukrainian driver was found dead in the cabin of his truck on Monday, March 21, 2022, shortly before 2 p.m. The truck, belonging to a Lithuanian company, was parked in an area of ​​the A6 motorway, near the town of Merceuil (Côte-d’Or), reports The Public Good. The firefighters and a team of Samu […]

Pregnant, Nabilla recounts her weight gain

The star shares the details of her daily life with her followers. Instagram screenshot By the editor Published on 02/26/2022 at 14:24Reading time: 2 mins To the delight of her subscribers, Nabilla continues to share her daily life on social networks, even though she is pregnant with her second child. At the beginning of February […]

Lose weight by falling asleep! Research says that, not us.

class=”medyanet-inline-adv”> University of ChicagoA group of researchers from i conducted a clinical trial with a group of 80 participants to examine the link between sleep and weight. As a result of the research, it was determined that increasing the sleep time can provide about 12 kilos in 3 years. Research says those trying to lose […]