Too much work during pregnancy increases the risk of having a big baby

Lifting heavy loads, standing for a long time or bending over and over… This is the kind of work that is considered hard. According to a recent study, pregnant women practicing this type of profession have 17% more risk of giving birth to a big baby. This child would also have predispositions to encounter overweight […]

how to fight against sleep disorders?

Anxiety, nervousness, stress, episodes of depression and sleep disorders: the consequences of the second confinement, announced on October 30, on the minds of the French are numerous and highlighted by a survey carried out by the IFOP and published this Thursday, November 12 . In total, 38% of the population reports difficulty sleeping with the […]

Living with Covid-19 during pregnancy, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer

Sharlene Gillies, an English mother in her forties of 5, is a true warrior. Working in the health field and therefore very exposed to the Covid-19 virus, she announced last April that she was 16 weeks pregnant, but that she also felt symptoms similar to those of our friend the coronavirus. “Since March 11, I […]

The soloist of “Bi-2” became infected with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Egor Bortnik (Photo: AGN “Moscow”) The founder and soloist of the rock group “Bi-2” Yegor Bortnik, better known as Leva Bi-2, has been diagnosed with a coronavirus. The musician told about this in the comments to his post on Instagram. “Did a CT scan. Covid did not affect the lungs, ”he wrote. Bortnik also clarified […]

why you should consume vitamin D against Covid-19

The National Academy of Medicine recommends providing vitamin D supplements to patients with Covid-19, if necessary. Indeed, the National Academy of Medicine explains that vitamin D is a “prohormone synthesized in the dermis under the effect of ultraviolet rays, that is to say the rays of the sun”. It is responsible for “intestinal calcium absorption […]

New York in 5 different locations

New York, new activities, new restaurants, new projects. After cycling in Central Park, strolling through Times Square and discovering an exhibition at Moma, here is a selection of offbeat addresses, between culture and nature. 1 – The One World Observatory to dominate the buidlings Built following the 9/11 attacks, this huge tower located in Lower […]

Covid-19: genetic or immune abnormalities in 15% of severe forms

Genetic or immune abnormalities are the cause of severe responses to infection by the coronavirus, according to the work of a team of Franco-American researchers. This discovery would make it possible to identify people at risk and better manage them. Why do some people develop severe forms of Covid-19 while others remain asymptomatic? It is […]

Seville, crowned for the sixth time

Seville, as usual! The Andalusians won their sixth Europa League, an absolute record for the event in less than fifteen years, by beating Inter Milan in a final with twists (3-2) Friday in Cologne, spectacular end of an edition upset by the coronavirus. Spain with 12 coronations Sevilla relied on the head game of their […]

Morocco is on the starting blocks

The frantic rush of the great powers to find a vaccine against Covid-19 continues to intensify. As the number of cases is on the rise and exceeds 20 million, Russia announces the discovery of a vaccine. “This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new Coronavirus was registered”, declared the […]

The Strategic Investment Fund will help streamline the operation of existing funds

– Tuesday August 11, at the Finance and Economic Development Committee within the Chamber of Representatives, Mr. Mohamed Benchaâboun, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform, presented Decree-Law 2-20 -528 relating to the creation of a Strategic Investment Fund. Why this Fund? – First of all, it is good to remember that the creation […]