They find a man with a shot in the head in the west zone

A man was seriously wounded in the western area of ​​Rosario, a fact in which a friend of the victim was detained, based on the confusing accounts he provided to the police. The fact that is being investigated was denounced by neighbors when they heard a shot from a neighboring house, located in Pampa at […]

Hollywood Wolf … Declaration of settlement of 19 million dollars

CAIRO – Prosecutors said on Tuesday that an agreement had been reached to settle for $ 19 million to resolve two cases of sexual assault on behalf of several women against former imprisoned film producer Harvey Weinstein. But attorneys representing 6 women who indicted Weststein, 68, nicknamed “a Hollywood wolf”, described the proposed deal as […]

At the time of deconfinement, the United Kingdom reconfigures Leicester

It’s the cold shower. The United Kingdom is preparing to reopen its bars, pubs, restaurants and hairdressers on Saturday, marking the end of eleven weeks of confinement. But in Leicester, right in the center of the country, the opposite happens. The government ordered the immediate and complete reconversion of the city of 350,000 inhabitants. Non-essential […]

Hydrometeorological Center announced “truly warm” in July :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow” July in Russia will be warm, the temperature will be above normal. This was told by the supervisor of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand during the TASS online conference. «[Температура воздуха в июле] expected near and above normal. That is, July is expected to be warm. Really […]

Paris, police operation concluded at La Defense – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PARIS, JUNE 30 – The police operation in the business district west of Paris in La Défense, taken after a telephone call from a hotelier who had spotted an armed man in the main shopping center in the area, ended shortly after noon . For a couple of hours customers of dozens of […]

former Red Devil Albert Sulon has died

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 8:25 a.m. The Belgian defender spent most of his club career at RFC Liège. Albert Sulon died on Monday June 29 at the age of 82. The Belgian defender represented the Red Devils six times between 1965 and 1967. In club, he mainly played at RFC Liège of […]

Salah Stétié, a feather between East and West

” Has anyone been? And in profile did he knock on the doors? / One day in the light there was us and the trees./ There was in the light a flight of grasses. / One day, under the foliage, it was. “ These lines of the poem ” Fluidity of death “, Put on […]

Industrial revolution: the roots of exceptional growth

How to explain the spectacular growth of the European economy from the end of the XVIIIe century? Why in Europe, and not elsewhere? These are the questions, essential but worn out after being asked, that the American historian Joel Mokyr tackles. His main idea is that “The explosion of technical progress in the West has […]