Index – Culture – “Shall I repeat that, Sándor Pintér?”

A Every fourth before its performance at Kristály Színtér became more relevant than ever. Because the news came days before the event that the abortion law was changing. It is relevant because the play focuses on perinatal loss, be it induced abortion or spontaneous abortion. In the performance, the phrase that every fourth pregnancy ends […]

Index – FOMO – Gabi Tóth was hospitalized, posted by Tibor Navracsics

Tibor Navracsics, the Fidesz parliamentary representative, posted a short Facebook post, informing his followers that Gabi Tóth was hospitalized, and therefore the Civil Szalon in Tapolca planned for Friday will be cancelled. Unfortunately, Gabi Tóth was hospitalized, so today’s Civic Hall in Tapolca will not be held. We wish him well! Navracsics wrote in his […]

Index – Kultúr – Netflix has reached the top with this new comedy

When it comes to light movies, Netflix often reaches for them for some reason. The market-leading streaming provider could block Danube specifically with comedies of terrible quality: The senior year, The bubble, The showdown obsession The home team they’ve all been trashed, and we could list a bunch more titles from this year that you’d […]