What would happen if Earth left our solar system?

In Lu Sichin’s short story “The Wandering Land” (The Wandering Earth), the writer depicts the scenario of the Earth’s exit from our solar system to escape from a dangerous solar flare coming to destroy all the planets. It’s a science fiction story, but could the Earth really leave the solar system? “It’s unlikely,” Matteo Sirioti, […]

what do I ask and how many people are you looking for

This Italian island will pay you 15,000 euros to move there. Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is in the news because its government is offering money to live there. The objective of this measure is to increase the population, which currently has less than three thousand inhabitants and […]

La Plata: People who donate blood will be able to travel for free that day

Within the framework of the fourteenth session of the year, the Deliberative Council gave the green light to the project promoted by the mayor of the Frente de Todos, William “Nano” Face. The initiative proposes that blood donors can have the free ticket the day they do it. The proposal bears the signature of Cara’s […]