Technology: So you can change the letter of all your WhatsApp conversations |

WhatsApp It is a platform that currently has more than 2,000 million users, a significant growth compared to the 1,500 million registered in the last months of 2017, according to the company itself. Now, the instant messaging application has a novelty regarding how to change letters to all conversations. Do you want to know how […]

The ins and outs of hijacked WhatsApp and a powerful recipe to counter it

Jakarta – This week, the case of taking over the WhatsApp account has become a hot topic of conversation. The Facebook-owned service also spoke up, providing a way to solve it. WhatsApp ensures the security of its services, and says the end-to-end encryption on the delivery service has never been compromised. But in reality, various […]

Is it mandatory to belong to work WhatsApp groups? | Employment | Economy

In the context of redefining work spaces and times, limits on the use of information and communication technologies constitute one of the main challenges for the labor intervention system for the regulation and control of the powers of employer management. The Administrative Department of the Public Function issued a concept on the obligation of public […]

TikTok Stops Operating in Hong Kong, This Is the Reason

JAKARTA, – TikTok will stop operating in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies. This was to be aware of the consequences of national security laws that took effect starting last week. This short video application plans to leave Hong Kong such as social media platforms and other messaging applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, […]

Five officers on inactive, criminal investigations into racism began

The Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam starts a criminal investigation into racist statements by police officers in a WhatsApp group, about which NRC reported on Wednesday. The OM reports this on Thursday. Five police officers have been suspended by the police. They will “not work and wait for the results at home” pending the investigation. […]

eye! Don’t fall for the free fridge scam

The pandemic generated by COVID-19 has triggered people’s activity on social networks and has also increased internet connections, but this situation is also allowing many cybercriminals to do their own thing. In the last days through the line Wasapea to EL HERALDO several people have sent an alleged promotion of the Coca-Cola brand. “Have you […]