Pedal, you will have cheese – Culture / Next

Animated photo Emmanuel Pierrot for Liberation If at 50 you didn’t make hay, you missed your life. Haymaking has always been our Rolex. Walking between the swaths of cut grass after the mower has passed is a luxury that cannot be calculated beyond the jewels of Place Vendôme. Remembering our first boots hoisted into the […]

Culture does not rule on its cancellation

ABC Updated:05/05/2020 17: 05h save Related news As ABC announced, and after several (and sound) protests from the sector, the Government has approved a package of specific measures for culture to combat the crisis caused by the coronavirus. The Royal Decree includes, among other things, various grants to boost financing for the sector, greatly diminished […]

Trump leaves the press conferences because “it is not worth the time and effort”

United States President Donald Trump has announced that he will stop appearing daily to report the coronavirus epidemic because “it is not worth the time and effort.” Analysts attribute the decision to the fact that his advisers have warned him that so much exposure hurts his campaign for presidential reelection. “What is the point of […]

Pedal and sparkle | Talent

Moving through the streets and avenues of our cities —usually crowded, although empty these weeks due to the coronavirus crisis— is one of the great challenges facing the cities of the 21st century. If the private car was established as the absolute icon of mobility and progress in the last century, now it has given […]