The Government extends the extension to pass the ITV

Servimedia Updated:05/16/2020 11: 52h save The Government has decided to extend the extension period granted to drivers to pass the Technical Inspection of the Vehicle, the ITV, in an additional 15 days for each week of alarm status elapsed at the time this procedure was to pass, which are added to the 30 days of […]

The Government extends the expiration of ITVs for another fifteen days

The validity period of the ITV certificates of vehicles whose next inspection date is in the state of alarm it is extended by fifteen calendar days for each week elapsed from the beginning of this period until the certificate had expired. The BOE publishes this Saturday an order, which comes into force today, by which […]

The Army expands its deployment but leaves out Catalonia and the Basque Country

More of2,600 militaryof the Armed Forces are already deployed in48 citiesto fight the spread ofcoronavirus. Despite this, they are not present in any locality of theBasque CountryneitherCatalonia, the two autonomous communities most affected by the Covid-19 only behind Madrid. The Chief of Defense Staff (JEMAD), the generalMiguel Ángel Villarroya, has provided this Wednesday the updated […]

Japan extends the state of emergency to the entire country

The Prime Minister of Japan,Shinzo Abe, has announced this Thursdayexpansion to the entire country the state of emergencyIt initially decreed only in seven of the 47 prefectures – including those in Tokyo and Osaka – to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. Parliament authorized Abe in March to declare a state of emergency, to […]

Lula seeks his place in Brazilian politics | International

He said nothing. It was unnecessary. The expression of the Brazilian Nanci Ramos Menezes, 64, said it all. His face was one of deep disappointment. When he heard that former President Lula da Silva, 74, was not going to arrive, that he was canceling his presence at the event where he had been waiting for […]