The Law of Couples Sucking Each Other’s Cock During Intimate Relations, Listen to the words of Buya Yahya and Ustadz Khalid Basalamah

JOURNAL SOREANG – Sucking each other’s genitals during intercourse is still considered taboo by some married couples. Some consider husband and wife to suck their genitals during intercourse, including things that are sinful and forbidden by Allah SWT. However, some consider it permissible because husband and wife who suck their genitals during intercourse are halal […]

Chorri Palacios | Dancer talks about her romance with the soccer player after ampay: “We went to the best hotel in Chiclayo” | Magaly Medina | Ruth Medina | Karla Quintana | entertainment

Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacios He is in the eye of the storm after starring in an ampay with the dancer Ruth Medina in a Chiclayo nightclub. Despite the fact that the former athlete admitted having been unfaithful to his wife Karla Quintana; however, he denied that her encounter with the young woman had “gone to the […]

Perfect wife according to the horoscope

Cancer A woman with Cancer is not only a great lover and a perfect partner, but she is the one who gives her heart and soul for her partner. She can easily express her feelings, her love, and it is precisely this quality that makes her a really great wife. He puts a lot of […]