The effect of colors .. a new technology in Windows 11 for people with vision problems

Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 11 Which includes special color effects for people with vision problems and can not distinguish well between all colors naturally. This new technology comes from Microsoft’s keenness to develop modern technologies that facilitate access to its products for different categories of users, regardless of the difficulties they face. Microsoft […]

Microsoft has not released much of the minimum CPU requirement for Windows 11

But there is an escape route that can be installed on any machine, although it can come at a serious cost. It’s been two months since Microsoft introduced Windows 11, which also puts a strange hardware demand on the Trusted Platform Module. Based on the original data, it was estimated that the new operating system […]

Dr Disrespect says he will sue Twitch. After he was banned last year

The popular streamer Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel Beahm IV, was banned from Twitch in June last year and it seemed to be more or less permanent. Twitch gave a rather vague answer as to why he was banned and said only this:“As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have […]

Windows 10 will soon be aggressively blocking dubious downloads

You will have the option to allow crypto miners and other auxiliary applications on your PC, but Microsoft will tell you if they are a bad idea. […] Windows 10 helps you to protect your computer (c) According to Microsoft, starting in early August, Windows 10 will block “potentially unwanted applications” by default – […]

A beta version of Windows 11 has become available for download

A month after the announcement, Microsoft also released the first public beta of Windows 11, which is more feature-rich than the previously available developer preview. The release provides insight into, among other things, the new user interface, the completely revamped Microsoft Store, and the redesigned multi-window manageability – as well as, by the way, more […]

Microsoft Finally Releases Windows 11 Beta Version, Interested in Trying it?, Jakarta – Microsoft has finally released the first beta version of Windows 11 for those in the Windows Insider Program. For information, for now, Windows 11 can actually be downloaded, but can only be accessed in the Dev Channel version. Quoted from The Verge, Sunday (1/8/2021), Microsoft said the Dev Channel is intended for […]

8 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 11 when it’s released

Microsoft announced Windows 11 a few weeks ago. The system has seen strong design changes along with many new features, and there are many reasons why you might want to upgrade. The new system included a redesign that included the Start menu and taskbar. This is in addition to the redesign of the window shapes […]