“Playing without an audience is like dancing with your sister”

The Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, understands that professional football resumes competitions, but he does not like it. And much less, if this occurs in empty stages. “Playing without fans is sadder than dancing with your sister,” is the graphic comparison that came to mind yesterday to describe the feelings of a game without an […]

Luis Enrique: “Playing without fans is sadder than dancing with your sister”

Luis Enrique understands that professional football resumes competitions, but he doesn’t like it. And much less, in the empty stadiums. “Playing without amateurs is sadder than dancing with your sister“, is the graphic comparison that has come to the Spanish national team to describe the sensations produced by a match without an audience. Luis Enrique’s […]

The heat and playing without an audience, “handicaps” for Diamanka

If Pape Diamanka has not been seen much on the grass this season, he has felt even less so. Since he was introduced last summer, once his signing was announced, it’s hard to remember ever going through the mixed zone or reaching out to the media after training. Until yesterday, when the club chose him […]

They develop a therapy to avoid obesity and gain muscle without exercising

You imagine avoid the obesity and build muscle without having to do exercise? Well, scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis (United States) claim to have found a new gene therapy that can do it. They have tested it on mice and it works! The folistatina, a protein expressed in […]

GENFIT: announces the results of the interim analysis of the RESOLVE-IT Phase 3 study evaluating elafibranor in adults with NASH with fibrosis

Elafibranor has not shown a statistically significant effect on the primary criterion for the resolution of NASH without worsening of fibrosis GENFIT will enter into dialogue with regulatory authorities to determine the next steps in the extension phase assessing the effects of elafibranor on the occurrence of tangible clinical events (“clinical outcomes“) Safety and tolerability […]

How to lose weight improving your digestive system (and without dieting)

Lose weight It is something that seems like very complicated for many people, especially in this time of lockdown that we are experiencing because of the coronavirus crisis. Dieting is difficult and playing sports is somewhat more complicated, with time restrictions and closed gyms and sports centers. However, as Express.co.uk tells us, there may be […]

Discover a simple way to lose weight without having to exercise

Surely you have heard it on several occasions: sitting too long (sedentary life) greatly influences your health and can increase the risk of Heart problems, diabetes type 2, depression, back pain and a long etcetera of pathologies. By that same rule of three, it would make sense to think that being up longer would counteract […]

League finished and without a field

The Spanish Basketball Federation has made it official this afternoon that the Endesa Women’s League will not be resumed and that the competition will end. In a meeting today with the 14 clubs that make up the category, the FEB has announced the decision to abandon the title of champion as well as to extend […]