NBA, Chris Paul in the gym challenges his father in one on one. VIDEO

While waiting to return to the field for his 16th NBA season, Chris Paul has found himself a very special training partner: his father Charles. The veteran of the Phoenix Suns on his home court first tried to have him crushed on a basket (specially lowered to meet his father), then challenged him in a […]

From electrostimulation to virtual fitness: this is the gym of the future

After the closures and limitations due to the pandemic, autumn opens up to a new concept of doing sport, in a gym that looks to the future. Sabrina Clerk September 5th – Milano Start again, store and maintain the beneficial effects of holidays, make the most of the year that awaits us and continue. With […]

Training and sculpting your biceps? There is the dumbbell curl

It is a perfect exercise. Made with constancy and precision, it gives the arm perfection and strength. However, the right choice of loads is fundamental: they must be adapted to the personal level of training Muscles in evidence under t-shirts and tank tops, shiny and tanned on the beach. Famous biceps of actors, sportsmen and […]

Ma Dexing: AFC youth training is more like a devastation

Original title: Ma Dexing: AFC Youth Training is more like a devastation The 2021 AFC Champions League East Asian group stage has all ended. Four Korean clubs, three Japanese clubs and one Thai club have won the right to qualify. Together with the top 8 in West Asia, they will start from September 1/8. finals. […]

Exercise for Dogs: Keys to Help You Exercise – Pets – Life

As vaccination against covid-19 progresses and the evolution indicators of the pandemic improve, many cities have been re-enabling the practice of physical activity in parks, squares and bike paths. And many people have taken the opportunity to resume physical activity with their pets. (You may be interested in: Goodbye, furry ‘: they prohibit the entry […]

Ernestine Shepherd: 85 years of muscle thanks to bodybuilding

Ernestine Shepherd discovered bodybuilding in old age. And since then his life has changed, for the better. Today, at nearly 85, he is an example for everyone Difficult to age Ernestine Shepherd. And not only for the respect that is owed to a lady: but because Ernestine with her muscles and her energy tests all […]

at the Enjoy Fitness Club in Padua subscriptions at discounted prices

Editorial by ShopToday June 07, 2021 11:22 am Enjoy Fitness Club, the gym in the center of Padova (Galleria degli Scrovegni 1 / A) offers the possibility to return to the gym at discounted prices to all those who want to get back in shape after these months of forced stop. Take advantage of the […]

Carbohydrates: why consume them before training

Why is it important to have carbohydrates only before activities such as cycling, running, cross-country skiing and so on? A word from Mapei Sport nutritionist Luca Mondazzi In this article we will evaluate endurance, endurance exercise, i.e. cycling, running, cross-country skiing and so on. Not only that, what I will take into consideration is, more […]

Alvaro Soler between music, Lazio and the gym: “They call me spaghetti”

Alvaro Soler, a Barcelona (and Lazio) fan, will be the star of “Football Rock Live” at the Milan Arena on August 24th. Here he tells us about his relationship with sport He canceled a concert date to be present. Alvaro Soler, a Barcelona fan, will be the star of the “Football Rock Live” concert, which […]