when is it and how to apply

The lottery Visas of diversity or Program of Visas of diversity It offers many people the possibility of obtaining a residence visa in the United States. For fiscal year 2023, they will be awarded 55.000 visas. The requirement to participate in the award is to have submitted the application in 2021. Particularities of the DV […]

Snoop Dogg enters corridos – El Mexicano

This collaborative album, ‘happens thanks to the excellent friendship relationship of several years between Jimmy Humilde and Snoop Dogg and their shared taste for Mexican music,’ said Rancho Humilde The American rapper Snoop Dogg premiered a version of the hit “I got used to the good”, by the group Fuerza Regida, which is included in […]

Celebrities concerned about the health of Eugenio Derbez

Verónica Castro confesses that she is worried about the health of the actor and comedian. Tijuana, BC- Verónica Castro confessed to being concerned about the health of Eugenio Derbez, who a few weeks ago suffered an accident that caused several fractures in his right shoulder, and for the actress, having this type of accident can […]

Latinos Work California USA – WhatsApp Group

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what does an advertising expert do and how much does he earn

The leaders in advertising today are valued for their creativity, but also for their handling of new tools and digital worlds. have fluid communication with the different audiences is essential, but it is also key do it the right way: you don’t have to be too invasive, find the exact moment and channel and be […]

Teacher failed a student for using inclusive language

The teacher commented that she gave the student a new opportunity, and asked her to give a presentation on “sign language” so that she could learn what “inclusion” really is. A teacher, through her social networks, assured that gave a grade 1 to a studentafter I gave him an essay (work) in inclusive language. Sarah […]

‘Fire in the blood’, a portrait of firefighters

With the central idea of ​​highlighting the work of firefighters, this is how “Fire in the blood” is presented, a photographic exhibition that exposes that work, through the lens of a group of graphic journalists from Durango, who have witnessed how over the years they risk their lives among the disasters. León Carmelo Alvarado, Heber […]

Microsoft offers new tools for business productivity

Microsoft has a unique ecosystem of partners that, in recent years, has had to adapt to the new needs of the world, so the technology company is launching new tools to support them. Every day, 400,000 organizations around the world are applying technology to make a difference. One country, one community, one customer at a […]