Improved Elemental Storm Team in Patch 10.0.7

Patch 10.0.7 has officially arrived in the Test Realm and among all the improvements, we have found news to bring our main and secondary characters up to date: equipment from Elemental Storm events can be upgraded to a third rank. Equipment upgrade in 10.0.7 Primalist Raids have provided 359 and 385 item level gear for […]

Removed Twitter integration in World of Warcraft

Over the next two days, we’ll be making an update that will remove the option to post to Twitter® directly from World of Warcraft®. After this small change, the tweet tool will no longer be integrated into the game and the settings where your Twitter credentials are stored will disappear. Players don’t need to […]

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, Blizzard’s games were completely shut down in China. Players drank “Blizzard Green Tea” and set up a “Blizzard Mourning Hall” to criticize Blizzard | 4Gamers

Rewrite this content On the third day of the Lunar New Year, at midnight on January 24th, Beijing time, Blizzard Entertainment’s games in China were officially suspended, including “World of Warcraft”, “Diablo 3”, “Overwatch 2”, “Hearthstone” “, “Blizzard Heroes”, also symbolized the complete termination of the memories of millions of Chinese players in the 15 […]

Popular game World of Warcraft taken offline in China

Rewrite this content EPA NOS News•Monday, 8:44 PM De online multiplayer game World of Warcraft has been unavailable in China for a few hours. The American company Activision Blizzard, which makes the game, and the Chinese distributor NetEase stop working together after fourteen years. It is not yet known if and when Chinese gamers will […]

The Chinese destroy a giant World of Warcraft statue in protest

Rewrite this content Good morning. China’s NetEase’s nasty breakup with Blizzard. Epic Games Store is giving away an interesting game. Starfield release date very soon. The success of The Last of Us series. Sit back and enjoy our regular column at breakfast, on the way to work or at any other time Briefly. Every weekday […]

China Blizzard posted a post on Weibo, saying that NetEase is unwilling to extend the contract and requires players to download and save data by themselves | 4Gamers

China Blizzard recently posted an announcement on Weibo, detailing the progress of the split with Netease and quickly becoming the top hot search on Weibo. Blizzard explained two key points in the post. Firstly, after the breakup announcement, they still had negotiations with NetEase, hoping to extend the previous contract with NetEase for six months […]

Acquisition of Activision Blizzard is good news for gamers according to Microsoft | Tech

Microsoft has been in the process of acquiring Call of Dutycreator Activision Blizzard. Regulators have serious doubts about it. In a new defense, Microsoft states that the acquisition is “good for all gamers”, reports the news agency Reuters Friday. “The acquisition of a game studio by the third-ranked game computer manufacturer cannot distort competition in […]