Hungary follows a different path from the EU and bets on the Russian Sputnik vaccine

A flight by the Russian airline Aeroflot landed a few days ago in Budapest with doses of Sputnik V. “We are the first EU country to receive these doses,” celebrated Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. Hungary thus followed Belarus, India and the United Arab Emirates on the list of countries testing this vaccine, which according […]

Covid-19. How to transport millions of vaccines quickly and safely?

How can millions of doses of vaccines be transported quickly and safely when they are finally ready? The logistics sector is preparing, as it can, at a stage when there are still several unknowns. How many vaccines will be needed? According to the International Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (IFPMA), it is expected that between […]

Portuguese-born David Valadão wins and recovers seat in the US Congress

Republican Portuguese-descendant David Valadão won the election against incumbent Democrat TJ Cox and regained his seat in the US Congressional Chamber of Representatives, for the 21st district of California. David Valadão is thus the fourth Portuguese-American on the way to the next congress, joining the already reelected Jim Costa (16th district of California), Devin Nunes […]

Bolsonaro denies having called the virus “gripezinha”

The Brazilian President denied on Thursday that he referred to covid-19 as “gripezinha”, saying that there is no record that proves the opposite, despite the fact that the press has shared at least two videos with this content. “I said back there that, in my case, because of my past as an athlete — I […]

Maradona’s funeral video uneral Bellavista Cemetery where to watch Public TV TyC Sports ESPN 2 when it will be watched Maradona farewell and last goodbye of the 10 Casa Rosada Argentina latest news today Diego Armando Maradona wake schedule Buenos Aires

Diego Maradona is already resting in peace. Next to his beloved Doña ‘Tota’ and Don ‘Diego’. In the deathly silence of the Bella Vista cemetery, where you will have the tranquility that you could not have in life. Today Argentina said goodbye to him in a massive ceremony at Casa Rosada, but it spread through […]

Bethesda releases new poster for Doom Eternal, it’s amazing!

Bethesda releases new poster for Doom Eternal, it’s amazing! Doom Eternal with the average military FPS it is unmistakable. Fans of Bethesda and hit shooter id have compared the game to a death metal album cover brought to life. Thanks to a new litho print released in Bethesda’s merchandise store, Slayers can get a taste […]

Forza Horizon 5 May Release Before Forza Motorsport

Forza Horizon 5 May Release Before Forza Motorsport Forza Motorsport was announced for Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC in July, bringing the games from Microsoft’s most serious racing to the new generation of consoles. The game does not currently have a confirmed release date, but a surprising new rumor suggests that it may […]

Russia admits to abandoning cooperation projects with the European Union

The Russian government is considering whether to continue to cooperate with the European institutions if Brussels maintains the same position on Russia and Belarus, said the Kremlin’s chief of diplomacy. “We are not thinking about how to deal with the problems (…) but in understanding whether it makes any sense to continue to deal with […]

Poland and Hungary can afford a veto

The newspaper quotes a high-ranking European diplomat from Budapest who was supposed to warn Brussels in advance that the blockade of the budget agreement and the coronavirus reconstruction fund announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orban should not be underestimated if disbursements were made conditional on compliance with the rule of law. According to Die Welt, […]