Czech Republic, following Austria, recognized the second wave of coronavirus / GORDON

The number of hospitalizations for people with coronavirus infection is growing, and the situation is almost identical to that which the Czech Republic faced in the spring. This was stated by the government commissioner, epidemiologist Roman Primula. Formally, the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic can be considered the second wave of COVID-19. This […]

Solidarity Income DNP GOV Co Consultation Beneficiaries with ID where and when to collect fifth draft Solidarity Income Social Prosperity Government Aid September 2020 Bancamia Davivienda

Query Colombia Solidarity Income today Friday, September 11 ( Know how, when and where to access the fifth round of the monetary support of 160 000 pesos offered by the Government of Iván Duque in the face of the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus. The appearance of COVID-19 caused millions of Colombians to lose […]

Family Clusters Are Called High Contribution to the Spread of Corona – Additional cases of the corona virus are still being reported every day in a number of countries, including Indonesia. Based on data Worldometers, Tuesday (9/8/2020), the number of corona virus cases worldwide has reached more than 27.5 million. Meanwhile, based on data, cases of the corona virus to date have reached 200,035. […]

Austrians mistakenly receive aid checks because of covid signed by Trump

Dozens of Austrians received, apparently due to an administrative error, checks from the United States government issued to their citizens to alleviate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, reports the public broadcaster ORF today. Among the beneficiaries is a 73-year-old pensioner who lives in Linz and received a check for $ 1,200 (1,013 euros), which […]

New York State Relaxes Corona Measures – Coronavirus –

11.05.2020 21:31 (Akt. 11.05.2020 21:56) The relaxation does not apply to New York City © APA (AFP / Getty) In the US state of New York, the strict corona restrictions will be relaxed for the first time this week. The exception, however, is the metropolis of New York City, which will remain in a state […]

Huawei has a stockpile of about 10 million Kirin 9000 chips

PHOTO: Radio China Huawei has a stockpile of about 10 million Kirin 9000 chips, which can sustain deliveries for about half a year, as the “deadline” for chip production approaches as the US government begins to block chip supplies to the company. Chinese expert quoted by Global Times, reports Radio China. Yu Chengdong, the company’s […]

BOLA – Mozambique becomes a State of Public Calamity (Mozambique)

Mozambique will move on September 7, this Monday, from the State of Emergency to the Stake of Public Calamity. The announcement was made this Friday by the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, during the declaration to the nation on the covid-19. The new measure, which will last indefinitely, foresees the relaxation of some restrictions, […]

THE BALL – Covid-19: Berlusconi hospitalized (Italy)

PASSION CONTINUES AT HOME The particular moment we live in determines the permanence of people at home, in addition to the closing of all commercial stores, dramatically altering people’s habits when it comes to reading and accessing information. In this moment of great difficulties for everyone, we are working 100% to continue to keep you […]

If a vaccine is found, could the pandemic end soon? All pages – Everyone may be tired and tired of facing this Covid-19 pandemic. If there is a vaccine, will the pandemic end? The world has changed since it was first announced that a mysterious virus that infected residents of Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. It is finally known that it is the new corona […]