Junín: carriers prevent the passage of vehicles that have not joined the strike

In the Junín region, a group of carriers is preventing the heavy load vehicle traffic on the Central Highway, in the direction of Huancayo to Jauja, with the aim of putting pressure on the drivers for them to join the called strike due to the increase in fuel prices. Speaking to RPP Newsthe union representative, […]

Blizzard Keeps Trying: New Warcraft Mobile Game in Development

Over the past few years Blizzard has found itself developing a host of new games and franchises. Some of the games that were working were intended directly for mobile devices and although two of them have supposedly been canceled (mobile MMO and Pokémon GO style), the Warcraft Arclight Rumble project is still active, a […]

Microsoft CEO Confident Activision Blizzard Deal Will Be Approved

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has granted an interview to Bloomberg, where they have been able to speak openly about the agreement reached with Activision Blizzard and on which they are currently being investigated by regulatory bodies. Below we detail in Spanish the references mentioned about this process and his clear conviction that […]

Aaron Judge, second fastest to reach 200 home runs in the MLB

The star slugger of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, became the second player in the history of Major League Baseball to reach 200 home runs faster, after hitting his number 42 on Saturday in an 8×2 win against the Yankees. Kansas City Royals. The HR #200 of @thejudge44 in @the majors! 💪🚀 pic.twitter.com/GYAAHj3qOD — […]

Sluggers Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Schwarber named MLB Players of the Month

The Latin American players swept this Saturday with the monthly prizes of June in the Major Leagues, with special highlights of Cuban Yordan Álvarez (Astros) for the American League and Kyle Schwarber (Phillies) for the National. Introducing the Players of the Month for June! ???????? pic.twitter.com/bf4ZySlaP9 – The Mayores (@TheMayores) July 2, 2022 Álvarez finished […]

The ISSSTE raffles 37 thousand personal loans

Puebla, Pue.- Despite the difficult economic situation, workers at the service of federal agencies must have the opportunity to have funds that allow them to access a own home. The next draw will be held on July 14 and the results will be published the next day, so the call has been issued so that […]

Wimbledon, without points but with the prestige and the ‘Great’ record at stake

Although it will not award points for the world ranking and will be deprived of some of the best players, Wimbledon remains the most prestigious tournament of the year and from Monday it will relaunch the race for the record between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, refereed by Matteo Berrettini. The hard work continues ????#Wimbledon […]

They will provide social security for independent journalists

Reporter at news or press conference, writing notes, holding microphone. Media event. Editorial Tribune News06/07/2022 , 2:10 pm Editorial Office.- This Tuesday the Federal government announced a plan so that independent journalists have a social Security. Read also: The case of Cecilia Monzón is an act of “evil and perversion”: MBH Therefore, support will be […]