Bestseller The Horse Whisperer writer Nicholas Evans has passed away

REX by Shutterstock NOS News•Monday, 20:12 The bestselling journalist and author Nicholas Evans The Horse Whisperer wrote, passed away. The 72-year-old Briton died unexpectedly last week from a heart attack, his literary agent has announced. He died at his home in Devon, England. In 1995 came Evans’ debut novel The Horse Whisperer which became a […]

Salman Rushdie has self-inflicted attack

Reuters NOS News•Monday, 09:29 Iran believes the attack on Salman Rushdie was its own fault. The British-Indian writer was stabbed last Friday during a lecture in New York state. “Freedom of expression does not justify insulting a religion,” said the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman. It is the first time that the regime in Tehran has […]

Literary gym in Cagliari to practice writing – Sardinia

Coach will be the author Feltrinelli Andrea Melis, on 6 June open day A gym. But not for weight lifting or cycling. But to train to write, perhaps to unlock and finish once and for all that novel or that collection of poems that have remained in the drawer for […]

This is how Géza Bereményi found out that Anna Pásztor was not her daughter

There is no blood relationship between the Kossuth Prize-winning writer and the singer Anna and the Barbies, yet a close bond has developed between them over the past decades. The past was mixed up in the talk show In his show Beyond Words, Endre Kadarkai recently hosted the Kossuth and Balázs Béla Prize-winning writer Géza […]

There is great chaos in Galatasaray

The main agenda in Galatasaray, which has had one of the worst seasons in its history in the league, is election. After the administrative release of Burak Elmas and his administration, the general assembly to be held on 30 April could not be held after the court decisions. After these developments, Elmas and her management […]

Defensive balance is broken – Mehmet Demirkol

History of Sami Uğurlu’s work. The place where he carried Kasımpaşa, which we call ‘definitely dropped’, who scored 16 goals and collected 11 points in 17 weeks. Today, 18 weeks later, 56 goals are at 47 points. To do this by pulling one of the best strikers of the season, Umut, and returning to Muleka. […]

Really interesting – Cem Dizdar

Although Galatasaray could not increase the tempo sufficiently during the first half, they found a considerable number of positions to break the match. A few of them melted at the feet of “memory scorer” Gomis. Another, the most fictional one, fell victim to Kerem’s choice of headshot! Most of the positions came when the gap […]

Mario Vargas Llosa “overcame covid” and released from hospital

Hospitalized for complications related to his coronavirus infection last week, the 86-year-old Nobel Prize winner in literature will be able to recover at his home. The Spanish-Peruvian Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa, 86, has “defeated the Covid-19and will be discharged from the Madrid hospital where he was admitted last week, his son announced […]