Merkel rejects higher taxes to finance Corona aid

Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the importance of international cooperation between states. (Photo: AP) Berlin Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for further economic relief for the next phase of the corona pandemic. “It has been pointed out that the recovery phase must also be accompanied by economic stimulus programs,” said Merkel on Wednesday after a switch […]

WTO chief Azevêdo resigns

Dhe head of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Roberto Azevêdo, resigned from his position early. After seven years in office, he will be available on August 31, Azevêdo told the representatives of the member countries in Geneva on Thursday. His second term would have been a year longer. He decided to take this step for […]

WTO chief Azevedo wants to resign early

WAccording to a report, TO boss Roberto Azevedo wants to resign from office early. The Bloomberg news agency, citing several people familiar with the matter, reported that the 62-year-old Brazilian had communicated this plan to member states. Accordingly, he plans to resign before the official end of 2021. A WTO spokesman said that he did […]

EU attacks China’s economy

Beijing, Brussels, Berlin This year should be a special one in relations between China and the European Union. Several top-level meetings were planned, Chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to travel to Beijing for the 13th time during her 15-year chancellorship and for the first time a meeting of all 27 EU heads of state and government […]

No progress in Brexit talks – “Time is running out”

Brexit The government in London has set a deadline until the end of the year to negotiate a contract for relations with the EU. (Photo: dpa) Brussels Talks about future relations between Britain and the European Union are stuck. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier accused the British side after the second week of talks on […]

Trump at low oil price: USA want to replenish oil reserves

The United States has replaced Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer. The reason: fracking. But it is precisely these companies that come under pressure when oil prices are low. That calls US President Trump on the map, but he reacts differently than expected. The U.S. government plans to use the extremely low oil […]

“Many companies will diversify more”

Guntram Wolff The economist assumes that there will be fewer business trips after the crisis than before. (Photo: Corbis News / Getty Images) The pandemic will not herald the end of globalization, believes the head of the Brussels research institute Bruegel, Guntram Wolff. Much now depends on whether the foreclosure tendencies gain the upper hand […]

China’s foreign trade figures are deceiving: the worst is yet to come

Foreign trade With China’s most important foreign trade partners, the economy is at a standstill. (Photo: dpa) At first glance, the latest foreign trade figures from China don’t seem that bad in the light of the global crisis. Exports fell by 6.6 percent and imports by 2.4 percent. Of course, this is still catastrophic for […]

How corona disrupts the chain from field to plate

A third of the world’s population is tasked to stay at home, over 90 percent live in a country with travel restrictions and many border controls have been tightened. The consequences of the corona measures can already be clearly felt in the most basic branch of the economy: the food supply. From asparagus cultivation in […]

Coronavirus pandemic paralyzes global trade

The confinement of Europe and the United States after China, the three largest exporters, has dealt a severe blow to world trade. All goods and services sectors are affected. Air freight is very affected by the pandemic. 332511826 / vaalaa – The Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on the planet. The health crisis is […]