Xbox announces promotions on consoles during the holiday season

The green world of Xbox and its different ways to experience video games is back with new consoles, from Xbox Series X | S, services, accessories to different games available in the season called Holiday Well, the December season has arrived and with it every device and game for any member of the family to […]

Somerville stimulates the imagination | Review

But hardly crack your brain Written by Jari Klapwijk op wednesday 16 november 2022 12:00 The atmospheric puzzle platformers Limbo and Inside are still etched in our memories. The former CEO and founder of the developer behind those games has founded the new studio Jumpship and is venturing into a similar formula with debut title […]

Microsoft: European Union investigates purchase of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft has one more stone on the way to acquire Activision Blizzard And this time it’s a big hurdle. The tech firm is facing an antitrust investigation conducted by the European Union due to the impact that the acquisition of the franchise development company as Call of Duty, Warcraft, Overwatch y Candy Crush. Last January, […]

Microsoft investigates new methods of saving energy on Xbox and PC consoles

A recent survey conducted through the Xbox Insider Hub suggests that Microsoft is interested in Expand your power saving options for your video games on Xbox consoles and PCs. As reported by Windows Central, the company has asked registered users of the program for their opinion about the functions that reduce the frame rate per […]

Get 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass Free with Twitch Subs

Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Prime Gaming are collaborating to promote the first time with a free trial of the service for three months. The most interesting thing about all this, beyond the 3 months of free video games that are offered through this ‘project’, is that we don’t have to do anything too special. […]

Review: Nacon Rig 300 Pro Hs-gameheadset | Review

Cheap certainly doesn’t have to be expensive Written by Sascha Meijer on Sunday 30 October 2022 12:00 There is a new line of Rig headsets. They are no longer released under the BigBen name, but under the Nacon name. The new Rig series, which currently consists of five types, has been slightly polished in design […]

Xbox boss remains confident Activision acquisition will be approved

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is, without a doubt, the largest purchase movement in memory in the video game industry (68.7 billion dollars it will cost), which is why it is not surprising that the intense scrutiny that has been received is submitting this transaction by regulatory authorities around the world. In the […]