Discover who you want to be with The Sims and Bretman Rock

1/12/21 21:23 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments Maxis and Electronic Arts have teamed up with influencer Bretman Rock for a new Find Yourself campaign around self-discovery. Anyone who knows Bretman knows that he is all about expressing yourself. As a public figure with over 50 million followers, a […]

December game releases | Overview

Halo Infinite Month Written by Jacco Peek on Wednesday 01 December 2021 15:15 The year is already coming to an end and this is clearly reflected in the December releases. The only big blockbuster game of the month is Halo Infinite, supplemented by some interesting indie games such as Chorus, Solash Ash and The Gunk. […]

Index – Tech – Tom and Jerry’s real names are revealed

If there’s a cartoon that doesn’t need to be presented to anyone, it’s Tom and Jerry. Started in 1940, the tale dreamed up by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera is so successful that it comes with interruptions but still fresh parts. Tom & Jerry in New York recently debuted on HBO Maxon, but the cult […]

Sony patents an activity card system similar to the PS5 and the Xbox Snap

On July 29 Sony I registered a patent that has been published recently. It talks about a series of techniques that allow the user of a game console to switch between apps without stopping the game which is running; Both the definition and the examples used in this document are reminiscent of the current card […]

These are the free games with Xbox Live Gold for December 2021

As usual every month, Microsoft has just announced which will be the four games that we can acquire for free for being subscribed to Xbox Live Gold during next December. As you already know, two of them will be from Xbox 360 and will be added to our library forever, while the other two are […]


BANDAI NAMCO, the publisher to whom we owe series such as Tales of, Little Nightmares, Scarlet Nexus and Ace Combat, has announced an enhanced version of PAC-MAN MUSEUM: PAC-MAN MUSEUM+. In this compilation, players can find fourteen games from the decades-long history of the yellow striker. These are offered in the form of arcade cabinets, […]

How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer beta on Xbox and PC

Illustrative image / Photo source: Pixabay Here’s how you can download Halo Infinite multiplayer beta on Xbox and PC. How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer beta on Xbox If you own an Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X / Xbox S / Xbox Xbox X you will be able to access […]