The Government will deliver 11 million books of Language and Mathematics

By: The compass “The book is always a good way,” said President Alberto Fernández on Tuesday, and stressed the importance of “bringing knowledge to boys and girls from all corners of the country who are in need.” It was during a tour of the company that will distribute this year more than 11 million Language […]

Broadcast Protected Urea On Corn And 90% Of The Pellets Gone: What Happened?

Rewrite this content Is it possible that a rain of just one millimeter has increased the volatilization? Will you have to repeat fertilization? Aldo applied 260 kilos of protected urea broadcast to a corn in V7 and the next day it rained 1 millimeter approximately. “I see that the grains disappeared from the surface by […]

Lula and the “zombie democracies” of Latin America

Rewrite this content The academic and jurist Kenneth Roth coined years ago the concept of “zombie democracies” to describe a set of opportunistic political models standing at the edges of the representation system which they vampirize. His reference was wide. He cited autocracies such as those of Belarus, Egypt, Uganda, North Korea or Russia among […]

Chelsea can steal a signing from Liverpool: Matheus Nunes

Rewrite this content Chelsea does not stop. Liverpool have been behind Portuguese midfielder Matheus Nunes for some time. In principle, they would not have real competition from any club to get the player; but, again, Chelsea would want to meddle in the operation and reach an agreement with Wolverhampton before those at Anfield. One of […]

Paula Durán: what was the type of cancer she suffered from? – Health

Rewrite this content Paula Durán suffered stomach cancer, that metastasized and reached his brain, a disease that occurs due to an abnormal growth of cells in the muscle sac of the abdomen, just below the ribs. The Gastric cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in Colombia and it continues to be detected late, causing […]