Opposition demands public clarification of those involved and an urgent investigation

The chief of staff of the President of the Republic, as reported by the Portuguese television station, received millions of dollars of unknown origin, but with allegedly illicit connections to the company EMFC. “If it is true, it is a very worrying situation. We hope that the competent authorities urgently make an inquiry to ascertain […]

YouTube viral: Peruvian restaurant sells menestrón soup for 50 soles and this is how the luxurious dish looks | video | gastronomy | peru | italy | mexico | united states | social networks | Social networks

Through YouTube it was made viral a video which has caused controversy among thousands of users, as it shows what an expensive dish sold by a Peruvian restaurant looks like. This food place offers a plate of menestron soup at 50 soles, a high price that many have considered excessive. It didn’t take long for […]

Off Side: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] More than 11,000 fans watched the “final and

Updated 08/28/2020 at 11:53 11,000 fans watched on YouTube the “wrong final” Champions League 2020 that was played last Sunday, one of the biggest parties in football. Last Sunday, August 23, its most recent edition took place, the protagonists being Bayern Munich vs PSG. Millions of people around the world vibrated with the victory of […]

Colombia: 2 policemen intervened a COVID-19 party, but they stayed dancing

It is investigated if the rest of the participants of the party are also policemen Policemen stayed dancing at a party that they went to arrest. Photo: Capture In Colombia, two policemen went to stop a clandestine party, but they ended up being part of the celebration. In a video that recorded the fact, which […]

WAP: Cardi B’s “indecent” song that scandalizes conservatives | TV and Show

An open-minded celebration of female desire brimming with graphic sexual metaphors, the song “WAP” by Cardi B with the collaboration of Megan Thee Stallion it tops the rankings, and has left the American right wing heated and upset by “indecency.” But this masterclass in obscenities, released this month, whose acronym for a well-lubricated vagina has […]

Virals: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Police rescued an old man on the train tracks and

Updated 08/22/2020 at 5:40 PM Officer Erika Urrea, from the Lodi Police Department saved an old man from being hit by a train after his wheelchair was on the tracks. She recounted what she experienced after the publication of the video viral captured by the body camera that he wears in his uniform during his […]

Zénu dos Santos and Valter Filipe sentenced to five and eight years in prison

In the cases of António Bule and Jorge Pontes, the judges of the Supreme Court decided to apply a prison sentence of five and six years, respectively. All defendants were also ordered to pay a fee of 300,000 kwanzas each. However, the panel of judges, chaired by João Pitra, absolved the defendants of the money […]