Pentatonix m in May 2021 to the O2 arena. Get tickets first

Fans won the three-time Grammy Award winner and multiple Pentatonix platinums mainly thanks to Youtube, where a cappella group subscribes to more than seventeen million users and the total number of views of all videos exceeds the billions. Their only tribute to Daft Punk is over 330 million. They have countless records full of original […]

Brie Larson is a YouTuber now

In what we can only assume is the first step in some sort of nefarious scheme to lure every obnoxiously loud male commenter on the internet into a single location—and then the trap is sprung!—Brie Larson launched a new YouTube channel today. The channel currently features only one video, showing Larson explaining her love for […]

Brie Larson goes from starring in tapes to youtuber

“Thanks for watching my first YouTube video. It was great to learn from everyone who joined. Be sure to follow us. Leave a comment to let me know which creators you should also be working with, please. I am very excited about this trip, make sure tell me what you want to see. I like […]

Keep On Raising the Flag, Nikita Now Even Outright …

Instagram Collage / @ nikitamirzanimawardi_17 @baimwong Continuing to Fly the Flag of War, Nikita Is Now Blatantly Dismantling DM of Baim Wong’s Cousin Who Claims to Be Lent Money: Already, Not Fake Business! Grid.ID – The feud between Baim Wong and Nikita Mirzani seems not over. However, Nikita Mirzani raised the war flag again by […]