Electric shock at Bombardier Recreational Products

Without knowing it, this summer, you may have come across one of the future electric motorcycles from Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) in Montreal or Sherbrooke. • Read also: End of the dispute between BRP and Artic Cat A few lucky ones had the chance to try out BRP prototypes in Quebec while others did so […]

This marketed car gets a crash test score of … zero

Although sold for a year, this vehicle offers a safety considered “poor” during a test. One of the criteria for choosing a car is of course its robustness. To do this, the NCAP (“New Vehicle Assessment Program”) continually tests new vehicles and gives them a rating after a crash test. But in this game, according […]

Microsoft and its commitment to a more sustainable world | Additional features

Sustainability and caring for the planet has ceased to be a fad to become a strategic priority for companies. Microsoft has stood out for leading this commitment to protecting the Earth. “For a society like ours to be healthy, it needs a healthy planet”, is one of the slogans of technology. Maintaining nature and biodiversity […]

Madrid, ‘Ground Zero’ of the political fight

From minute one of the pandemic, the Community of Madrid was identified as the ‘Ground Zero’ of the coronavirus. When we are less than a week away from two months after the government decreed a state of alarm, Madrid is about to have the dubious honor of adding to that initial rating another, if possible […]

Reinforcements at zero cost in the face of the crisis

The coronavirus pandemic will configure a transfer market in which large movements are ruled out. With the treasury under minimums, the transferred acquire value, either to reinforce the templates of the clubs to which they belong or as exchange currencies. Some troops to which the Real Madrid to open a gap regarding Barca Looking ahead […]

The price of a barrel of American oil drops below zero dollar

The value of a barrel listed in New York for delivery in May fell on Monday April 20 below zero. The contract expires Tuesday at the close, those who hold it must find physical buyers as soon as possible. But as stocks have already risen enormously in the United States in recent weeks, they are […]